How People Used to Blog in Olden Days?

You must be feeling very fortunate to have computers, the internet, gadgets and blogging platforms today, but have you ever thought about how people used to share things to the world in olden days? Do they also blog? But how? Let’s see!

How our fathers used to blog?

My father has seen the birth and evolution of computers and the internet but never used it the way we are using them now.

My dad’s a writer. He always loved writing when he was young and he always wanted to write if he gets a chance. My passion for blogging(writing) might be an inheritance from him.

He has written a couple of blogs in the form of spiral books. But I am the only one who got access to read after my dad. Remember blog view restrictions today?

How our grandfathers used to blog?

Our grandfathers might not even know how to use a pen and a book but yet used to blog.

Unbelievable, right?

Very famous personalities who dedicated their lives to research their lives have never cared about writing about themselves(autobiographies). Our grandfather bloggers have taken an opportunity to write about them in the form of biographies.

Haven’t you read personal blogs of famous personalities ever? Not all blogs are truly maintained by themselves. Some are maintained by their followers and disciples. Remember 21st century’s genius Stephen Hawking joining Facebook?

How people of king and kingdom times used to blog

It might feel a bit awkward for you to read that people used to blog in king and kingdom time? Hold it right there! Because you would want to feel more awkward in further reading.

I remember from my expeditions about the scripts drafted on rock slates in the places of destroyed monuments.

Poets, writers and wise men of King’s palaces used to rock! Yeah! they truly are. Rocks were the only reliable sources to write on at those times. Those rocks were used to keep in public places for social reach.

Also, people use to write on clothes but they are written with limited access. You might have seen scholars of the place reading out loud their creatives in front of the king in movies also.

How people before king times used to blog?

Times before king times? And blogging?

Yeah! I’m not screwed up not even trying to make you so. Believe me, reading further will be convincing.

Long long ago before the time of kings, there was very less number of bloggers in the world who were actually extraordinary thinkers. They specified some principles to lead our lives well.

Just like the bloggers in the grandfather times, followers of this age accumulated all the life leading ideas of great personalities and named them the Holy Book.

‘Holy Book’ is a wonderful title for a blog. Isn’t it?

How people before ‘Holy Book’ times used to blog?

Blogging before calendar times might let you down your eyebrows at me? Wait for a second and hold it right there. Read the following point and then tell me I’m wrong.

At the times of cavemen, people used to record their ideas, plans, and creativity on rocks by painting on them. I still love to visit them often when I can.

Really? Blogging is that old?

Yes! it is! Recording ideas on any platform, from rocks to today’s internet web spaces is a process of evolution. If you still don’t believe me, watch this picture,

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  1. Hey Sasidhar,

    Anything is praise of this article would be total injustice. You have done so much research on every inch of this article.

    I never knew blogging is so old. I guess no one would have imagined how people would have blogged in old day. You have highlighted some very important points. Only the 'How our fathers used to blog?' was slightly predictable, rest was beyond my imagination. And as always, loved your style of writing and English :)

    Every aspiring blogger must go through this. This will make us feel how privileged we are to be able to access such supreme technology at our fingertips! :)

    All the best for your rocking blogging career ahead mate :)


  2. When i entered on your site,,, the first line i saw, my father seen birth and evolution of computers and internet.... then after again i saw amazing line : our grandfather might not even know how to use pen and book...... so on...
    these two line are amazing, am not saying these two lines only whole post is amazing...
    5 out of 5...

  3. me too rohan bro... every single line forced me to read next line...

  4. Thanks for replying to me. I guess Satya its your account. :)

  5. Hi Debshikha,

    Thank you so much for liking my post. Your appreciation was very much encouraging to me.

    That's all I could say in an excitement of seeing your comment on this post.

    Thanks a lot dear!


  6. Thank you so much dear friend! I am so happy to see you liking my jotted down ideas. Keep visiting back! Have a great week ahead :)

  7. This single line reply made my day!

  8. Wow this is something different . I am glad to know this. Actually i was excited to know about this research. You did a lot of research i think. Awesome bro this is quiet informative post and good too. And that evolution of man diagram is nice. YOu created that ?

  9. Thanks a lot for your appreciation Ankit. I didn't create that one. I found in on Google images! Thanks for sharing your response anyway!

  10. I am with you totally. Few lines have totally help this article rock! Just when you think you have reached the peak of your excitement, B-A-N-G! The next section with give your excitement another kick.

    Sadly, all good things come to an end. So did this article :(


  11. This comment is my best good morning wish to my face! Thank you <3

  12. Welcome, Everybody Welcome, Welcome, Welcome...
    make a rhyme and live long life...
    Yeah, it's Satya

  13. Excitement and Bang Bang, whole article is awesome @Deb


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