College Dunia Makes Finding Colleges & Courses Easier

Choosing a college is one of the life turning choices a student has to make after +2. When the time comes, almost every student would go bananas over the half-known details of the colleges. One can’t go ask Google because it would give millions of results to explore into. Moreover, a teenage stud won’t have lifetime patience in sliding over all the search results.

College Dunia is a website where a student can get all the information about the colleges and courses easily. It empowers students with knowledge of several colleges, universities, and courses and gives them a chance to choose their own careers without being influenced by the people around them.

Searching Made Easier

Searching information about colleges, universities and exam results is made easier by providing an easy-to-find search engine right on the homepage of the website. You can also choose to search the information with in a respective field, you wanted to pursue your career in.

You can search for the information about the colleges and courses by the field of education you wanted to proceed within the future.

Each college or university is rated by the fellow students which help you make your choice easier. To make your search results show up more accurately, use city and state filters.

Information about every college is nicely framed so that one can easily find the information that he/she is wanted. You can find very fine information of each and every college with all the contact details, faculty, reviews, placement companies, brochures, seat availability, fee details and all the other information that you can’t find even on an official college website.

The homepage of the website is a central hub of all the quick information about the colleges and courses with quick filtering options like type, stream, and location.

Searching for admission exams is also made easier. For E.g. You can simply navigate to Exams > Management Exams > CAT

College News Hub

College Dunia also provides neat and precise news updates on admissions, examinations, and results of various universities. You don’t need to keep on jumping on the web search results for each individual purpose.

You can register to College Dunia and avail the following features for free anytime anywhere:
  • View College Brochures
  • Check Detailed Fees
  • Shortlist and apply to colleges
  • Ask Questions to senior Counselors
  • Never miss Important deadlines


College Dunia is a one-stop solution for students to explore information about colleges, universities, and courses. I like the idea of College Dunia to facilitate students in India who take the advice of half-knowledge neighbors yet. Though there are many other websites which provides information, college dunia outsmarts all of them by availing the information in multiple dimensions.

Amfas Tech wishes all the best for CD team in future!

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