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5 Must Have Apps for Your iPhone 6

iPhone 6 has marked the benchmarks for the next generation of smart phones and there is no doubt about it. From the day it is announced to be releasing to the day it is launched, excitements spread over the social media networks like never.

Congratulations to you for having one that everyone dreamed to be having. Apart from the bending complaints, the new version of iPhone is really awesome with its functionality and looks as well.

Having an extraordinary phone doesn’t make it useful, having the right apps makes it so. I have picked up some useful applications every iPhone 6 is worth having them. Here are they,

1. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Have you ever lost your phone? You won’t care if it a normal smart phone and what if it is your new iPhone 6? I had recently read a story about how a guy could recover his lost iPhone 6 on ‘The Verge’. His story have made it clear that this app is a must-have one your iPhone.

2. Inbox by Google


Inbox is the new definition for email inbox define by Google so recently. Inbox app is not just a email UI anymore, it can remember the dates, notify, alarm and alert you as per the schedules. If a single app is such useful, how could I miss mentioning it in the five of my choice.

3. Microsoft Word


Being an windows user and having an iPhone is always hard to swallow. The synchronization feature that an iPhone have with the Mac computers is not existed with Windows.

Though it is, the Microsoft comes up with amazing MS Office apps on to iOS and MS Word is one of them. There exists MS Excel and PowerPoint too, but I don’t want to make this article look like it’s dedicated to Microsoft apps.

4. MyScript Calculator


MyScript Calculator is a simple and elegant tool that transcripts what you write on the screen, calculates and displays you the result. It may not recognize the textual representations but works brilliant with the numerical and other mathematical operations.

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop


Microsoft’s remote desktop app helps you to connect to a remote PC and your work resources from anywhere. You can access your remote resources through your remote desktop gateway. The app allows you to easily connect to external monitors and projectors while giving presentations.

What do you think?

These are the 5 apps that I picked up randomly but chose them very selectively. What do you think? Are they really worth trying? Share your thoughts in comments below.


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