Why Michael Jackson is Still the King of SEO?

Michael Jackson? King of SEO? yeah! you read it right. It is not a typo error nor even an off-topic article. I am a great fan of Michael Jackson and after spending lot of time listening to his music, I realized that he somehow tried to teach the world through his music about search engine optimization before the internet was born. We are not that smart to catch the buzzards all these years. Poor us!


Here is what MJ tried to teach us:




“No one's gonna save you from the beast” – Thriller

No matter how many times I listen to this song, I always want to listen one more time again, particularly at nights. When you observe the lyrics,


Cause this is thriller, thriller night
And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike


May be he was telling us about the Google panda and penguin updates that are going to slash the sites that don't follow webmaster guidelines.


"Because I'm Bad, I'm Bad (Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)" - Bad

MJ voice outs two versions in two perspectives here. One is the bad SEO practitioner, also called black hat SEO expert and another the Google's spam filter algorithm.


Because I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
Come On
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
You Know It
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
Come On, You Know
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
And The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now
Just To Tell You Once Again,
Who's Bad...


The version of the Black Hat SEO practitioner sounds like that he is bad enough to get high search rankings of his website. The search engine version sounds like that the algorithm is bad enough to weed out spam bloggers and websites in their search results.


MJ, himself was unknowingly optimistic and wiser to warn Google about black hat bloggers and black hat bloggers about Google algorithm updates in future.


"You're Just A Product Of Loveliness" - The Way You Make Me Feel

He knows that content is going to be honored as the king in 2k14. He said it before actually Google got an idea about honoring the content.


You Give Me Fever
Like I've Never, Ever Known
You're Just A Product Of


I think Mat Cutts was a big fan of Michael Jackson before he joined Google. He understood what the King had said with his music and has been implementing the same in filtering spam. 


"It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White" - Black or White

MJ is pretty clear about disavow links, the links that give us bad reputation if referred from. He know it in 1991 that disavow links are going to affect search rankings.


He sings,


Don't Tell Me You Agree With Me
When I Saw You Kicking Dirt In My Eye
But, If
You're Thinkin' About My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White


The baby in his context is his blog or website. The song sounds like "Whatever links you might link my site with, I don't care if they are black hat links or white hat links. I'm safe here, because Google's on my side to help me."


"How It All Began, It Just Seemed Like Heaven, So Why Did It End?" - Remember The Time

MJ looked very much concerned about the spammers and keyword stuffers in this song. He reminds the innocence of the lazy bloggers who are not skilled enough to maintain a site with genuine content.


This is what he tried to say singing,


Do You Remember
How It All Began
It Just Seemed Like Heaven
So Why Did It End?


In fact he warned about Google algorithm updates in his previous albums and songs, but who cared?


"The Girl Was Bad. The Girl Was Dangerous" - Dangerous

'She' in his context was the 'link seller', the one who sell artificial links to manipulate Google algorithms and claim to get you higher rankings in search engines.


He said,


She's So Dangerous
The Girl Is So Dangerous
Take Away My Money
Throw Away My Time
You Can Call Me Honey
But You're No Damn Good For Me


MJ was never wrong. He said it before, but we didn't realize.


"It Doesn't Matter Who's Wrong Or Right. Just Beat It, Beat It" - Beat It

Michael always stood in favor of suppressed. He proved the same in his sensational hit 'Beat It'. In the pursuit of providing genuine content to its users, Google or any other search engine might penalize you with false charges. It doesn't mean should keep calm and move away. You can fight back or appeal your innocence to search engines through proper channel. Though some of the chargers are true, you may not have to take back your courage and passion for blogging.


MJ's beat it says,


It Doesn't Matter Who's Wrong Or Right
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It


He says 'passion' is important not the search engine which watches it. He also says to just beat the blogging challenge, no matte how big it is.


Keynote of the King of SEO

The king of pop, Michael Jackson found an opportunity to make the best of his passion, his hobby and obsession even in crisis times. He then proved that the job you would never get sick of will take you higher in that field.


'Someone earning something from blogging' should not be an inspiration for bloggers. The reason why the pro-bloggers in the world are successful is that they started it for fun, for just relaxing in their work-off times and later found making money out of it. Choose a passion and pursue it. All the best!

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  1. Hello Sasidhar Kareti , I'm glad to read such an article. Seriously nice one, but I read some of the releated posts which you have recommended and found that you were talking about The Content Being a King. Now a days on every blog we find the same, but I think it's justa myth, for that recently I have published an article on my blog Blogging Easier. I request, if we could have a little discussion on that. I hope you'll also go with my idea and what I shared and will also find it interesting. Just sharing the post here, via comment :- Blogging Secret That Pro Bloggers Won't Tell You!. I also request @Mahadev @ROHAN CHAUBEY to just join the discussion there on the post at blogging easier, please just share your views about is content really a king or its just a myth about it. I hope we'll have a healthy discussion there, and will conclude with the right tips about blogging. Thank you! :)

  2. Hey Sasidhar,

    This post im reading might be old, but its freshness is still present. Im not a fan of Micheal Jackson, but this is truely inspirational.

    Its curious to know how you could relate a pop singer songs with SEO , just mindblowing. Each aspect you talked looked perfect on its own context , and a true fan can bring out such creativity.

    Great post once again !!

  3. Hi Naman,

    Glad you liked the article genuinely. But, be careful with Disqus comneting system for being flagged a spam with links, though you are not intended to. A few flags can spoil your reputation and Disqus will start blocking your comment on every blog and website. I'm gonna check out that post right now. But please, from next time tag me to such posts of FB or twitter or G+. Don't get flagged inappropriate.

    Hope you will understand :)

    Thank you for taking time and leaving your response here. Have a great day :)

  4. Hi Justin,

    That's an inspiring comment yu've made up there. I'm a supr fan of MJ and thoguh why don't I just relate things that turns out to be awesome and here it is.

    Thank you so much for being so kind while commenting!

    Have a good day :)

  5. Yeah sure Sasidhar, I'll keep it in mind.

  6. Hi Sasi,
    Great comparison!
    Though I am not a fan of MJ
    Instead i heard so many bad news about him and his activities!
    anyways your post will rock
    thanks for sharing
    Keep sharing
    ~ Philip

  7. Hi Philip,

    That's a post made by MJ super fan. How could it not be cool enough to rock?

    Thank you for stoppingby and sharing your thoughts about it.

    Have a good day :)


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