How to Get Featured on Apple Website for Next Launch Event

We’ve seen many people getting featured on Apple website with their tweets and responses during the launch of iPhone 6. Apart from the company’s executives and media celebrities, Apple also featured tweets of some common people who have attended and not attended. People got excited to see their tweets getting featured on Apple website and got overnight popularity.

Here is one of the tweets of common man featured on Apple website during the launch of iPhone 6 which later surprised him after noticing.

If you want to get featured on Apple website during a launch event, read the following tips and become popular overnight.

Keep track of event dates

This is the most important thing and first thing you should do. To get featured in a launch event timeline, you should keep track of yourself about the news updates and event launch dates and timings in your time zone.

Join Apple’s facebook groups, follow tech blogs and official Apple channel tweets on twitter. Subscribe to ‘get reminder’ alerts to keep updated about the launch event. Apple went on trending with #AppleLive hash tag during the event on social media. The bottom line is you should be watching live of the event through any media or directly.

Secure your seat in the event launch arena

If the event is going to be held in your city, don’t miss the chance of attending it if you can. Attending the event directly not only gives you a different experience than watching it on computer but also inspires.

To secure your seat in the arena, you should keep track of the event updates.

Take your own camera with you

Camera on a mobile phone may not help you take best shots all times. Mobile phone can better for selfies but not the moment capture shots. You cannot zoom in, focus and click fast a subject before the awesomeness fades out in it.

Don’t forget to show your creativity while taking photos with your mobile phone as you share them on twitter about the event. Shoot some interesting and catching pictures and share them on twitter.

Tweet your true emotions about the event

As I showed you the sample tweets of a common man above, tweet your true emotions on watching the event live(even on television of computer if you can’t attend the live event). Apple team may pick up your tweets and feature them on their website.

Also tweet about the key points mentioned in the event by the speakers. This will also increases you chances of getting featured on Apple website.

Attend the event earlier as far as possible

The photographs and tweets just before the hours from event start would definitely catch Apple team’s eye rather than after starting the event. When the event starts, every lens focuses on what’s going on the stage and no one would care about the crowd that much.

If you could notice the highlights on the iPhone 6 launch event, you could see some pictures being featured on Apple website, taken while media people were getting ready with their equipment and while taking selfies at the arena.

One more thing

Keep checking if any mentions are made after your username on twitter or any other social media for you tweet being featured on Apple’s website. If your tweet is lucky enough to get featured on Apple’s timeline, don’t forget to tweet about it again.

Also follow your own fair tricks to make yourself overnight popular. All the best! By the way don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your social media profiles.

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