Google Confirms Panda 4.1 Update, Sets Out to Filter Thin Content

It is now official and confirmed earlier by Google that Panda 4.1 is on the loose to hunt the low-quality content on the web. The latest Panda update is going to affect the websites having poor or thin content.

+Pierre Far of Google shares the news about announcement of the new algorithm update on early twilight hours today. The update says that the Google has slowly rolled out the updated version of the panda algorithm this week and it is going to be fully functional by the next.

This update looks like is going to benefit sites with low ranks and high quality content which would be a hard work payoff for those creative writers and webmasters.

Who’s going to get benefitted?

Website owners who have been striving hard to pull up their awesome content since recent months will get a good push. All the work they have done will be paid off with good rankings.

So workaholic bloggers, admins and webmasters, get ready to throw me a party for the news!

Who’s going to get slapped?

Though this might sound like a hard rock to swallow, you have to accept it. Websites and blogs with thin content will be dumped by your Google girlfriend.

Feels like slapping me?

There no point of doing it my friend. I’m just the news bearer. You Google girl friend have found some good websites to hang around. Be one of those to be with her!

Aha! I write bold and long word articles, I won’t feel the heat

Hell yes! you can. Thin content in Google’s context is not that is written in pale fonts without any text decoration. Writing in bold letters or long keyword articles may not help you unless they are helpful to the readers.

Google is going to consider the readability, navigability and also language ethics much better than ever in this latest panda update.

Has someone slapped their face? I hope that’s not you! Watch out for the bear that is on the loose.

Wait a second! don’t forget to share your love story with your Google girlfriend in comments below. I’d appreciate your honesty in sharing it!

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