Google Suspends Sales and Experiments On Google Glass

The day Google announced its futuristic product, Google Glass, the predictions over future tech has flown to next level. When it was released back in 2013 in USA, tech companies had shiver in their spines as it could replace the tech trends of a whole.

Don’t know if it is the price or it is too futuristic to use, people have not showed much interest in buying it. Only a few developers could afford to buy it and experiment on it. In this regard, Google has announced that it is going to suspend its Glass Explorer programme and therefore suspends taking orders for this wearable devices from January 19th 2015.

Google said that it is not actually going to stop the project glass as the company plans to launch it with revamped features and specifications in future. Also, it says that they are going to continue their support for developers who are already working on Glass apps.

Hope to see this futuristic gadget on the eyes of the everyone very sooner.

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