SEO Checklist for Beginners | DIY SEO Guide for New Bloggers

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So you are up with your new website. What are your SEO strategies? because you know what, you can’t make a penny out of your website unless it is optimized for search engines.

That’s ok! don’t worry! I’m going to help you get you blog sit in the top results. Don’t forget to follow me on facebook and subscribe to our email updates.

In this article, I’m going to bring you the SEO checklist for new bloggers.

Let’s begin!


#1 Check Its Accessibility

Check if your site and the content are accessible or not. Make sure your site do no dumb mistakes. Don’t let your website show content not available errors like 404s and server downtimes like 500s.

Create an account in Google Webmaster Tools and keep track of your website’s performance on Google search engine.

#2 Target Keywords

Keywords are which bring you good traffic from search engines. Keywords with high competition will have better chances of getting competition than those of with low competition ones. 

Use the help of Google Keyword Planner tool to research keywords of your niche. Insert the high performing keywords in your articles and other sort of content in your blog.

Be careful with keywords, excessive use of them might get bad reputation for your website. I recommend you to read my article about ideal keyword density for a blog if you need any help in using keywords on your website.

#3 Create Quality Content with Great Value

Content is the most prioritized asset for your blog or website. A blog with highly optimized quality content will ever be rewarded.

Write unique and fresh content always. This will make your blog algorithmically good at Google thus making it immortal for frequent search engine algorithm updates.

Your content should make your visitors happy. This is what Google suggests mostly. When you are writing an article, make sure you are writing it for humans not search engine bots.

#4 Maintain Quality in Website’s Design

Design quality of the website is as important as the quality of the content. If you have wonderful content on your blog and it is awkwardly designed template, what’s the point of creating wonderful content. It should be served to the visitors in a proper way.

Suppose you have prepared a nice dinner for your family and how it would be if you can’t serve it to them properly?

An ideal web design should be easily navigable, screen adaptable and fast loaded. Google also released a list of 25 mobile designing principles for webmasters recently.

#5 Setup Social Accounts

Do you know that the social referrals are also taken as ranking signals by Google? Social media is the perfect place to promote your blog posts. It helps you reach right and valuable readers for your blog. You can make friends, meet fellow bloggers, discuss and grow.

Set up fan pages and groups to engage like minded people on discussions. Discussions would surely help your blog get promoted with no extra cost.

#6 Build Backlinks

One of the blog ranking signals is backlinks. Getting a bunch of them at a online grocery store can’t help your site get into top search results. Google or any other search engine have updated their algorithms to over smart your SEO strategies now. They started calculate the genuine backlinks only for ranking a website since past couple of updates.

I recommend you to read my article about building safest backlinks for your site and apply those strategies to your blog.

That’s all for now! will get back with another article! Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts about this DIY SEO guide.

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