Samsung Gear Live Review: Can it make a next generation Android wear?

Technology have crawled a limb up. Yes it is, from hand to wrist. Smart phone companies are tending to extend their gear to wrists now. You don’t also want to pick out your smart companion each time you hear a beep and each time you feel a buzz. So we can say that Android wear is really a next decade technology.

Samsung is the first company to commercially launch the wrist gear. The company experimentally introduced it along with Galaxy Note 3 in 2013.

Later, after receiving successful acceptance from the users, wrist gears have become a business challenge for other companies too. I heard that the Apple’s most awaiting iPhone 6 is coming with its own wrist gear.

In this running competition, Samsung have released its new version of their gear, Gear Live into markets with enhanced design and features.

Let’s take a look at this smartwatch and see if it can make up to next-generation gadget.



Samsung Gear Live was a bit tampered about its design compared to Gear 2 Neo. It comes with metallic body and smooth leather strap whereas Neo came up with a patterned leather body that looked sportive.


The same 1.63’’ super AMOLED display and IP certified dust and water-resistant screen protector are continued in Gear live. It is featured with compass sensor along with the conventional Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Heart rate Sensor. It also has Bluetooth 4.0LTE that connects with the smartphones to maintain the sync. Gear Live disappoints with its weak battery that can hardly hold up the charge for a day.

The features of Samsung Gear Live summarized:

Display : 1.63’’ Super AMOLED
Design : Metal Body
Dust & Water Resistant : IP7 certified protector
Sensors : Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Heart Rate Sensor
OS : Android Wear
Connections : Bluetooth 4.0LTE
Battery : Typical 1 day, low 2 days


As the wrist gear technology is a just born baby, we cannot expect more from it. The features so far it had is a step forward in usage of technology seemingly making the movie fantasies true. I wish to see the stronger battery than a holographic top up in the future versions of these devices.

What do you expect more in wrist gears? an Omnitrix like as in Ben10 cartoon series? Share your thoughts in comments.

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