Is Google AdSense Planning to Introduce Overlay Ads for Text Content Very Soon?

Google AdSense, being the most awesome revenue program for most of the bloggers in the world is becoming more and more handy and flexible. Google have recently introduced new ad sizes for publishers which are big and covers almost 1/4 of the fold. Google said in the launching of the new ad sizes that the success of the large ad units 300x600, 336x280 and 160x600 have inspired them to introduce two big ones.

In the meantime, Google made an upgrade to the conventional Ad creating UI making it is easy to create and customize Ad units of different sizes.

In the new UI you are allowed to choose the Ad size from the sample iconic sizes and shapes under the categories available. If you observe keenly, you would notice a category ‘Overlay’ under which you can see no sample size icons.

There was no ‘Overlay’ option till the UI upgrade. In fact, placing overly ads which obstructs content from being displayed is against AdSense policies.

Google might have planned it for new custom video channels that are added. Google is currently supporting the following Ad sizes for video overlay Ads:

728x90, 480x70, 468x60 and 450x50.

Maybe Google is still working on it and going to launch some creative sizes very soon. I’m eager to see how is that not going to obstruct the content!

I’m confused with Google this time. What do you think? will Google introduce overlay ads for textual content also? I think so because Google is following IAB Ad sizes since billboard and portrait.

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