How to Create Attractive Ads in Free Classified Sites

Free classified sites are boon for the tiny advertisers. Websites like Olx and Quickr made posting classifieds easy. Though it is easy, people are creating some awful Ads which don’t even earn a glimpse of the visitor. If an Ad can’t get the visitor’s attention, how could you expect it help you promote the product or service you are offering?

Join your leg with me to skate along the creative way of posting an Ad in a free classifieds site. Let’s begin.

Note: I’m going to demonstrate this attractive ad posting with the help of in this article.

Upload Real Photos

Yes real photographs! I mean it. When you are posting an Ad about your old mobile of course, take some beautiful photographs of it with your camera or other phone. Original photos would really help you get visitors attention on to your Ads.

Images from web would make a bad impression about your product you are advertising though everything you said is true in that Ad.

I’ll show you some examples of Ads in Olx with and without original photographs and the user interaction with them respectively.

Create Attractive Ads in Free Classified Sites demo1

Create Attractive Ads in Free Classified Sites demo2

Take a look at the screenshots of two ads above. Though they look similar, the one with original photographs looks more appealing than the one with posted with Google images irrespective of their prices.

Give Good Description

Original photographs is not the ad alone. Make some short description of the product/service you are selling. You description should make the buyer get convinced for the price you are offering it for.

ad description 1

ad description 2

If we take a look at the above ads as an example, the second ad description looks more convincing than the first one.

Choose an Appealing Ad Title

Ad title is one of the most important buyer driving factors. Giving a single word title just like the above two ads would not help you get the attention it deserved.

Use a title describing the condition and age of the handset in case you are selling your phone. Make sure it won’t exceed more than two lines.

Post the Ad in Appropriate Category

You may be in need of quick money, that doesn’t mean you don’t have 5 minutes time to post an ad with all the information needed. Getting greedy for 5 minutes would cost you days and even weeks sometimes.

Posting the ad into right category would you help you get buyers quickly. Do you think posting an ad into ‘pets’ category help you get it sold faster? No! right?

Give Proper Contact Details

What’s the point of displaying cars in a showroom without a person to contact in there? The same way, there is no point of displaying your ad without working/valid contact details.

Show Your Interest in Selling

A buyer would see your interest in selling the product or service. Posting an ad with internet images would leave a bad impression to the buyer as discussed earlier. Providing vague description also does the same nor the bad title.

Eliminate the rush Don’t make yourself look like you are in rush to sell the product. A buyer would be as smart as you, most particularly while buying second hand goods or goods from freelancers.

Next time you post an ad, be smart and show interest.

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