Researching for Perfect Keywords Using Google Trends
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Researching for Perfect Keywords Using Google Trends

Google trends is a public web facility to know what’s trending on the internet at present. It is based on the search queries that are typed in the Google search engine from different parts of the world. The number of times a keyword is typed into the search engine is calculated and popularity is measured accordingly. The search trends changes from time to time and no two trends stay in same top position consistently for an hour.

Here is how the current trends are displayed with the approximation of total number of searches in the search engine,

Choosing a perfect keyword for your site is necessary to showcase your business online. Perfect keyword is a word which is used to describe your business at best. Google trends can be used to research perfect keywords for optimization of your website. People search businesses online these days and so keyword optimization plays an important role in SEO.

Using Google Trends in the Keyword Research

To research a keyword that suits best for your business website on Google Trends, open the following link: in your web browser. You can see the list of top trending items displayed on the web page.

Scroll down to bottom of the page and you will notice a live-tile-like thing showing up typo-animation of the trending keywords. Click on ‘More Hot Searches’ link under it to see more trending items.
A new page with more trending items is loaded. There you can see a pane with more feasible options to search trending items on the left side.

google trends

Click on ‘Explore’ and type in your keywords in the ‘+Add Item’ columns to compare how they are performing in the search.

exploring google trends

You can also set constraints to your research to a particular region, time, category and type of search.

The related search queries will be shown below with the more number of trending and rising keywords which can actually be used in the optimization. Let us suppose I entered a keyword, ‘ethical hacking’ in the add item column and hit enter. It shows the list of related incoming search terms as follows:

ethiclahacking keywords
Ethical hacking is the core keyword of the website and the above related search terms are what people mostly search on the internet for. Include these related search keywords in your blog or website, and you would notice improved search rankings of your website links in the search results.

Researching keywords using Google trends is limited. You can only research the core keywords or the most famous ones. You cannot search for related terms related to your brand unless it is quite famous in the internet. After all, brand keyword inclusion helps a little and the core keyword inclusion does the best. Start a little research on the keyword of your blog or website and find your perfect keywords for success.

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