Understanding the Importance of Ad Placement

Google AdSense is the the secret behind many bloggers idea of starting up a blog. Starting up a blog for making money never works unless you work well on it’s layout. There are some important considerations regarding the layout of the blog you need to take care of.

I recommend you to walk through the following articles before you get to know about Ad placements on your site. The reason why I insist you on reading these articles is that a neatly designed blog would help to place ad units in the right place on the webpage.
Hope you have got an idea about the importance of web design before knowing about Ad placement on your blog. Let’s talk about Ad placement now.

Let’s Begin

So, you have got an AdSense account approved for your blog and I know you didn’t read the guidelines fully yet. Don’t feel embarrassed! no one reads AdSense guidelines completely at once. If you had referred the AdSense guide for ad placement, you would have left with some clues about Ads placement by now.

Ok! let me reveal the clues.

Place ads nearer to the content. Make sure the ads appear along with the content when the page is loaded. Take a look at the screenshot of the Google recommended and not recommended website layouts with ads below:


Let us now try to understand the Google perspective of ad placement.

If suppose an advertiser,  ‘James Bond’ wanted to promote his ‘Bond School’ where he gives training to the secret agents in the world. He would choose to display ads about his school in places where he could get attention of people. If he chooses to place hoardings in a city, he would choose places where he could caught attention of most possible eyes, say movie theatres, market places, shopping malls etc.

The same logic applies here in the case of websites too. Advertisers would like to have their ads shown along with the content so that they could get a glimpse of the visitor at least before he leaves the page. So, he would choose to bid on those ad spaces which are blended along with the content. However, an advertiser would look for conversions not just for visitors attention.

Placing ad units above the fold pushing content to below fold of the page won’t get you highest bidding advertisers as they would be just scrolled down without noticing.

Don’t put them in content overlays – Forget about earnings, you will be banned if you place you ads on content overlays that out focuses the content.

Don’t place multiple ad units in the above fold – Placing multiple ad units in the above fold would reduce the value of ad units at advertisers. Remember that demand-supply concept works here too.

Don’t place them under drop down menus – Placing ads under dropdown menus may lead you to ban. Google wants to monitor the genuine clicks from the visitors but not the one’s you trick them to.

Accidental clicks may not be counted by Google every time and those ad units placed in non-recommended areas might not be recommended to advertisers or might not be considered in paying you.

Be smart while you place ad units on your website. Right placements give you right earnings! All the best!

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