Optimizing your Website to get found in the Search Results

At first, you must choose an appropriate keywords for your website by doing a little research on keywords using Google AdWords and Google Trends. After that, SEO is going to help your website found in the search results.

Getting found in the search results is not enough. Getting your website on the first page in the search results matters all. You can easily achieve first place in the search results today, thanks to social media for that. Social media plays an important role in SEO today. The more social media referrals a link gets, pushes up the search rankings of website in the results.

Google suggests webmasters and designers to design their websites for visitors not for search engines. Learn better SEO techniques and keep optimizing your website.

What do you know & What should you know about SEO?

How better you know about SEO? If you think you know it all, you never knew a bit at least about it. Search Engine Optimization techniques are ever updating along with the search algorithms. The motivation behind the search engine algorithm updates is to provide the best results for a person who is searching for something using their search engine. If you respect the cause and do SEO on your website accordingly, search engines would love to show your site links in the search results than those who don’t actually care about algorithm updates.

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SEO is categorized into two kinds: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers about the content on your website and how you presented it to search engines.

You can optimize the content on your website search engine friendly by using tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool will tell you of the things that are error prone and blocking the rendering of the webpages on the browser. It also suggests solutions to the problems that are found. A website has to be optimized in nine different parts in on-page optimization Optimizing these 9 key elements improves the On-Page SEO of your website and you will see the difference so fast.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page optimization refers to the website‘s overall authority on the web. Website authority is determined by what other website say about your site. Backlinks are one of such measures Google uses to calculate the web authority. These can be improved by building quality content that can be referred by the other websites while writing about a topic. Google has taken a strict action over those kinds of guest blogging websites which are giving invalid backlinks.

On-Page SEO only contributes 25% of the overall search engine ranking. The remaining 75% has to be done with Off-Page SEO. Building quality inbounds links influences the website authority. Getting inbound link from a highly ranked website is more important than the getting inbound links from a low-ranked website.

So what brings you quality inbound links? the ‘Content’ answers affirmatively. Content is the answer for many unsolved and complex SEO questions. Write remarkable content that no one ever had on their website or blog. Share the content on social media which could to increase exposure for your article.

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