The Battle of the Facebook and Google Plus: The beginning

Facebook and Google+ are both kings of the social networking era. Though, of them both, Facebook rules a bigger kingdom than Google+. Facebook reign was started years before Google+ was actually born. By fact, Google+ was introduced to give a tough fight to Facebook but disastrously defeated by salient features of the older king. Since then Google+ was trying hard and hard to overcome Facebook in the race but it couldn’t till now. To talk precisely about it, there are some factors why people kept Google’s additive away and keep on hailing Facebook. Let’s talk about them one-by-one in detail.
Facebook, when introduced looked simple and when evolved, it looked much simpler. Maintaining simple GUI has been the legacy factor of Facebook all through these years. In the times, Orkut was ruling the world, Facebook was introduced, with a new GUI and mysterious features. Everyone those times were addicted to Orkut and found it difficult understanding Facebook a bit. But later when time passed people got totally synced with Facebook and Orkut was left out.

The feature that stood as the main reason for Orkut’s downfall was that the profile visitors. You can see who visited your profiles on Orkut while Facebook eliminated it from the beginning. Facebook thereby benefitted in both sides, getting migrated users as well as increased page views.

Another feature that leads to the downfall of Orkut is the imitating GUI of Facebook. By then people have already started to realize that Orkut has no more new factor to try out. This lead to the migration of Orkut users to Facebook in large extents.

After a year or two after the Orkut downfall, Google wanted to re-enter the social media with a new experiment that can actually stomp Facebook to ground. This time Google wanted the payback. So it came up with Google+. Unfortunately, the payback was given to Google users.

Mark Zukerberg had butterflies in his stomach when Google plus was announced to be releasing. But later when Google+ was introduced, people found no new in it again but a revamped Facebook user interface.


Experts thought that the cold war between these two giants has come to end with the startup failure of Google+. It seemed true but Google started compelling their users to have a Google+ profile. Blogger, YouTube and other services associated with Google were forcedly upgraded user profiles to Google+. Lately, Orkut was shut down by Google to focus totally on Google+.

Meanwhile, Facebook rolled out some major changes to its timeline and newsfeed to cope up with the competition and secured the consistent position in social media race. The company is trying out its own new designs and layouts which are making benchmarks in the industry.

Google+ seems like trying to recover now. The Google+ developing head recently has confessed that he shouldn’t be an in the Google+ project as he was flagged as not so social guy by the psychiatrists in the past.

Amfas Tech wishes all the best for the Google+ team in future!

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