HeartBleed Bug Scanner for Android: Check if your Android device is vulnerable to the new nightmare

The Heartbleed bug has already shaken up the internet and the major service providing websites like gmail, facebook, yahoo, linkedIn etc. So far these websites started advising their users to change their passwords after their quick update of newer versions of open SSL. It’s not all about internet on computers, its also about the android devices? how can you make sure that they are safe to work with? Is your android vulnerable to Heartbleed bug? Panicked? you shouldn't be!

There is an app called Heartbleed bug scanner developed by Bluebox is available for android devices to scan the vulnerability for Heartbleed bug. This security software developing company have bundled their own version of OpenSSL and checks if the heartbleed is enabled on your device or not.

Which version are vulnerable?

According to the Google security blog’s update. Android versions with or before 4.1.1 patch are vulnerable to Heartbleed bug.

Regarding this, Google says,

All versions of Android are immune to CVE-2014-0160 (with the limited exception of Android 4.1.1; patching information for Android 4.1.1 is being distributed to Android partners).

We will continue working closely with the security research and open source communities, as doing so is one of the best ways we know to keep our users safe.

Heartbleed bug Scanner features:

  • Latest version of this app scans your OS and apps for vulnerability.
  • Android devices ship with OpenSSL library by default. In addition, many apps will bundle their own copy of the library. The Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner from Bluebox Labs will check all of these copies and let you know if any appear to be vulnerable to the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Download Heartbleed Scanner for your Android

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