Blackberry Z3 to be Unveiled in India: A Close Look at the Jakarta Edition

Blackberry has introduced the new Blackberry Z3 Jakarta edition today in Indonesia. The device is likely to come into markets from May 15th i.e., tomorrow. Blackberry Z3 is featured with 5 inch display number of unique features specifically designed for people of Indonesia.

The Jakarta edition comes with 5 inch display of 540x960 resolution display, Blackberry OS 10.2.1. 1.5GB RAM, 5MP camera and excellent long lasting 2500mAh battery. This limited edition model features the inscription “Jakarta” on the back of the device in the event of launching of first Blackberry phone in Indonesia. This Jakarta will be available for a limited short period of time till present stock avails.

Blackberry Z3 Jakarta Edition
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Z3 is the first line of production made at FIH mobile Ltd, a unit of giant Taiwanese Foxconn Technology group well known for assembling Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

The device is expected to retail through partners at a price of  2,199,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) i.e.,under $200 USD ( US Dollars).

The Jakarta edition of the Blackberry Z3 is built exclusively for Indonesian people with all the enjoyable content on the device. This edition includes a special set of BBM Stickers featuring local characters, The Punakawan by Indonesian illustrator Susilo Saptoady. These Punakawan stickers are made available exclusively free for Indonesian users for a limited period of time. In addition Blackberry Z3 users will be able to join local BBM channels of their favorite brands, communities and opinion leaders.

The punakawan charachters in BBM

“BlackBerry has changed the way millions of people around the world stay connected. From conception to delivery, the BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition was designed specifically with our Indonesian customers in mind. This device gives users more ways to connect, share and communicate, providing the best tool for secure, reliable communications and collaboration with friends, family and co-workers. Priced affordably, the BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition will extend the full capabilities of the BlackBerry 10 Operating System version 10.2.1 experience for a new generation of customers in Indonesia.” says Executive Chairman and CEO of Blackberry in the launch event.

Blackberry Z3 is likely to be introduced in India very sooner and it’s going to hit the markets under Rs.15,000 INR, most probably under the price range of 11,100-12,000 INR.

That’s a great device and I can’t wait to review it. Stick on with us on Facebook or subscribe to us mailing list to get the update when I review Blackberry Z3. Any thing else to say? Say it in comments below.

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