How does Google handle duplicate content and how it effects SEO rankings?

Google SEO rankings depend on one of the major issue, the content. Unique content will always be shown in the top search results. Some blogging beginners think that having a large content(copied from everywhere) in their site would help them make their blog show up in the top search results. But it's not correct in a sense on Google. What do you think? does Google handle duplicate content? If so how does it have its effect on the SEO rankings of your site? Let’s take a look.

Google handle duplicate content

Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Web Spam Team says that the 25-30% content on the web is duplicate. He also says that Google searches for duplicate content and it clusters all similar and identical content into a cluster so that they can pick out the original and the best from it. This is what helps them to rank websites on the web.

Better to Kill Automatic Content Generators

Content coming from the automatic content generators is definitely considered as spam. Because this sort of content would have no value compared to manual content creation. So it's said that content is the king.

A Little Duplicate Content is Not Bad

“Using the content from the other sources in your blog is not bad enough to get fired spam by Google.” Matt Cutts says.

Also says, “If you copy a massive content, then it would be considered as duplicate content and gets into Google spam lists.

Watch the video of Matt Cutts talking about Google’s duplicate content management and its effect on SEO rankings.


Google handles duplicate content in a very smart way. Copied content would effect the SEO rankings for sure. As so the Google Page Ranks were updated earlier this December 2103. Check for duplicate content on your site and remove it if exits in vast. Check your latest page rank here.

Feel free to comment your opinions on duplicate content management by Google!

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