Best Jailbreak Tweaks for Ultimate Protection of iPhone and iPad

Internet users are paying thousands of dollars for protection of their data and privacy, no matter what device or gadget they are using because every device that has communication capability needs protection of data. Theft of data and its misuse is a common issue now, almost every OS maker is trying to improve their OS's security but ultimate protection can be achieved by user itself with the use of third party apps and tools.

According to 2014's survey, iOS is the most secured operating system among all available in the market, because Apple has its own security standards for app makers and developers, while Android apps bring lots of viruses and malicious code with them. Of course iOS devices aren't secured from every type of exploit, as we've seen some potential issues like SSL security exploit and heartbleed bug with iOS too in past. One of the best methods is to secure your iOS device, is antivirus software; many of them are free with some basic protection services. Moreover, theft protection apps are more smarter than thieves, as discussed here about "find my iPhone" feature by Apple, that helps every iOS user in finding his/her device's location if the device is stolen or lost.

To make an iOS device including iPhone and iPad, I've complied some best jailbreak tweaks and apps that will provide you with ultimate protection.

Note: These apps and tweaks are only compatible with jailbroken iOS devices.

Protect My Privacy

Mostly viruses come from third party apps available in Apple's app store, in some circumstances their support misses to identify those vulnerabilities in apps if those exploits are new in technology World. When you use any iOS app, it accesses your data like location, unique identifier ID, advertising ID, device name and contacts. This data is enough to allow a hacker to blackmail you. Protect My Privacy is a free jailbreak app, that works awesome, because it doesn't allow any iOS app to access your personal data and for the time being it provides those apps with fake location, identifier and advertising IDs. This auto generated data changes when you close that app and your real information restores. Moreover, you can change these IDs and location manually every time you open-up an iOS app.

tsProtector P

If someone gets access to your file system then he can easily access your data, Apple ID's password, iCloud password and also he can purchase apps and products from Online resources. It's is essential to hide your system information from installed iOS apps, they can send your information to hackers via live servers. Tsprotector P helps you to stop iOS apps and tweaks from accessing your system information, by this you can make your iOS more secure. You can grab it in just $1.39 from Cydia.


With this tiny and incredible jailbreak tweak you can password protect almost everything available on your iOS device. You can protect photos, documents, contacts and messages with iProtect. Moreover, the ground breaking feature of this tweak is that it allows you to open the password via fingerprint sensor or touch ID. iProtect is freely available in Cydia store.


WhatsApp is the most popular chat messenger in all available messenger apps for iOS, but unfortunately no satisfactory protection is available for this billions dollars app. Asuo jailbreak tweak brings complete protection solution for WhatsApp for iOS. With the help of Asuo you can stop others from accessing your WhatsApp contacts, chats, favorites and contact notifications. There are many other tweaks available for WhatsApp like WhatsApp+ and WhatsAppProtect, but this Asuo is smarter than those. You can get this tweak in $1.99 from Cydia.

If you've any other jailbreak tweaks for ultimate protection of iPhone and iPad, do share with us via commenting on this article.

About Author: 
Hammad Rafique is working as a blogger since 2009 and loves to share his personal experience with beginners. He is a technology geek and likes to write about iOS, Windows, SEO and blogging. Make him friend on Google+ now.
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Easy Fix Available For iPhone If Charging Slow

Is your iPhone taking the world’s all time for charging? It is not you are dreaming if you see you prestigious Apple product charging slowly than usual.

In fact, there exits a lot of queries in the apple forums about the slow charging issue of iPhone, iPad and iPod. So that means your iPhone is acting normal just like everyone’s and one more thing,  you are not dreaming.

It is not the hardware or software issue every time you face a problem with it. It might also because of the foreign object that is blocking the lightening port from charging your device. There is an easy fix for it and you don’t have to take pain fixing it.

The problem occurs often by a physical clog or dust rolls that accumulates when in pockets, purses and open spaces.


Cleaning the clog from the port is very simple. Turn off your iDevice, grab a toothpick or a opened paper clip, then gently put it into the port and remove the clog you can see.

Turn on your phone and try connecting it to the charging port. If you still experience the slow charging, use compressed can of blow-air to ward off the remaining dust from the port.

If it still takes more than usual time, that means its time to buy a new lightening cord for your iPhone.
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Fixing Unresponsive iPhone Black Screen, DIY Guide

iPhone screen goes blank when it eat a hard and sensitive blows on the key areas of the phone. You will panic normally to see their costly mobile phone going numb and showing up nothing out of anything at all suddenly. You will wait no other minute to take it to the apple service center and to get it repaired. This will cost you some extra bucks causing distress over your selection of idevice over several other handsome handsets.
But don’t do that in a hurry! wait a minute before you take it to a technician. Realize the fact that it has gone repair and it will cost you something anyhow. Then why don’t you try out some DIY troubleshoots at first!
How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 001

Life Saver tip #1

Your iPhone might have gone blackout due to battery drain. This is because you might have not noticed it or may be because of the latest iOS upgrade. It may also because you ran a heavy graphical or incompatible application on it. For such all these causes, you can get back your iDevice by putting it to charge for 10 minutes and trying switching it on again.


Life saver tip #2

If the above trick doesn’t work, press and hold the Home button and Power button till the Logo appears. This will restart you phone by loosing nothing on it.


Restarting the phone after keeping it to charge for 5-10 minutes will help at most of the times. If that too doesn’t help you, try the following trick but, be careful, we are not responsible if you damage your phone.


Life saver tip #3(critical)

You will have to open up your iPhone in this trick. Just have to open up and reset the battery like thing in it and nothing more. It’s easy if you could just open it up, the phone’s back panel. Don’t worry I am going to guide you properly till the end, but be careful and don’t blame me or if anything goes wrong. Remember that you are one who is doing it, not us!


Step 1: Get a iPhone liberation kit(Click here for iPhone 4 or 4s liberation kit or Click here for iPhone 5 or 5s liberation kit). It looks like as shown in the following screenshot:

    How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 116


Step 2: Open up the two screws shown in the following image:

    How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 133

How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 155


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 187


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 195


Step 3: Now press the back cover slightly up with your two thumbs and remove it.


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 205


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 219


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 228


Step 4: You can see the battery and the screw driver point is where battery connects. Check it the battery looks fit in it.


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 251


Step 5: This is where the screen connector exits:


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 307


When you drop off your phone or give it a hard blow it might get loose sometimes and it might be the cause for the black out problem.


Press it a little hard till you listen clutching sound just like you hear when you are fitting a back panel of a mobile phone.


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 322


That’s it!


Restart the phone using the method show in tip#2.


How to fix black and unresponsive  iPhone screen 364



Step 6(important): Set back the back cover & fix the screws back into the holes.


Post your smiles in comments below if this worked for you!


If it doesn’t, go for your first choice of taking it to a apple service center.

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bSafe You App Review: Your safety is in your hands

After the brutal kill event that happened in the capital city of India, the safety for women has been taken to every piece of technical possibility in which mobile application development is one of them. Personal safety apps are being developed from then on that ensure the safety of the women.


‘bSafe You’ is one such application designed to keep track of your safety 24/7. It works for both everyday safety and emergencies, making it a good safety tool in perfect times. You and your friends can keep track of yourselves at the times of emergencies. ‘bSafe You’ allows you to set your own personal safety network of your friends, family and those you can trust.


Danger not only come from unknown people but also from well known ones sometimes. bSafe have some safety precautionary features that would save you from getting into trouble at most earlier times before the situation gets too worse.




Let’s take a look at the full features of this application:

  • You can setup your own personal network of friends,family and co-workers.
  • Can share your location to find each other easily.
  • You can ask your friends to real-time trace you with ‘Follow Me’s live GPS or walk home with them safer from wherever you are.
  • Can make your phone ring with a Fake Call from the person you had setup.
  • In case of emergencies, the guardian alert button would notify your friends about your location through GPS and automates the recording of video to show what’s happening there. It even sets off an siren that panics the attacker and keeps you safe way from him.



See what media says about bSafe application:



bSafe application is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Things you should remember while using this app

You should turn on internet connection while using this app. Never forget to turn on internet when you come out lonely at hard times. Unless your internet connection is turned on, the app doesn’t work.


Keep the phone away from the attacker. If he tries to drag it from you, throw it away into soft surfaces giving it time to share the emergency alert to you beloved ones. Throwing it on hard surfaces might damage the phone and it may lead to unexpected havoc.


Remember, mobile applications alone can’t help you fight against him. So don’t completely dependent on the digital applications, unleash your safety combat skills at those times.


Last but not least, You safety is in your hands! Never forget it!

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iPhone 6 will be released much earlier than expected : News Report

Apple is expected to release the most rumored 4.7 inch of the iPhone series in the August this year. According to the supply chain sources news leak to Taiwan media, the new flagship Apple product will be available in the stores in this August, a month earlier than expected. The report also says that the large screen 5.6 version will be released in September as expected.


So finally, Apple is set ready to give a tough competition for so far existed large screen versions of Android like Sony Xperia T2 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.




We have already seen the iPhone 6 leaked pictures on the internet earlier. Foxconn factory in China leaked those pictures which seems like an elongated version of iPhone 5S but was not sure about the dimensions.




Rumors say that the iPhone 6 will be continued with the features its predecessors had. They say that it will also have the the same 8MP camera, no physical button and it will be having an upgraded ultra retina display with  389 ppi.


These rumors and media leaks have pushed the anxiety levels of iPhone lovers to peaks already. Are you an iPhone fan? Can’t wait to have iPhone 6 in your hands? Share your thoughts with us in comments!

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Track what they are doing with your iPhone when you are not there

You probably don't mind friends taking your mobile phone and juggle the applications often. It is Ok if you lock down your messages and personal stuff that cannot be shared with anyone. If not, you should pay attention to this article.

Sometimes people around us would want to have hands on experience on our iPhone or iPad. At those times, we cannot only resist but also feel uncomfortable about the personal stuff. So it is better to lock down personal stuff as said before. On other side of the coin, what if they grab your phone and play with it for sometime when you are asleep or went somewhere forgetting it at home?

Worried? Want to know what was accessed in your absence? - This is what i'm going to talk about in this article.

A wonderful iOS application called Catchr is available for iDevices to track the activity on them. By using this, you can track what applications are opened at what times. This application is helpful in finding our who is doing what on your phone either in your presence or absence.

Image source:

About Catchr

This app was developed by NordLogic. Regarding the Catchr application, they say
Catchr gives you peace of mind by allowing you to find out if anybody used your phone while you were away. It can tell you if your phone has been moved and which applications have been started or stopped. It also plots on a map where your phone’s been during the time Catchr was running.
The latest version was released a couple of days before. This 22MB heavy application supports English, Dutch, Romanian and Japanese languages. This application is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later operating systems.

Download Catchr for your iDevice

Don't forget to Play 007 background music when you start the application ;) Later!
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Google improves Hangouts for iOS | Hangouts 2.0 app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Google has released new updated version of Google+ Hangouts app, Hangouts 2.0 for iOS devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

This update was posted by Frank Petterson, software engineer at Google at this early morning times.

"Today we’re launching the newest version of Hangouts for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The app has a brand new look and feel, is super easy to navigate, and includes a bunch of performance improvements." Frank says.

This app is available in iTunes now. Download.

What's New in Hangouts 2.0?

The new version of Hangouts the 2.0 version is fully optimized for iPad, including picture in picture video calling feature. 

You can share new animated stickers in the chat to show your feelings pictorially. This is a great feature which we are seeing in most of the chats platforms.

Video messages can be recorded and sent up to 10 seconds long and can be sent to everyone in the conversation.

When you wanted to arrange a offline meet up at your location, you can simply share your current map location in the conversation.

Hangouts 2.0 is fully optimized for iOS 7 with big and beautiful full screen video calls. You can make group video calls up to 10 members, free calls to numbers in US and Canada with this updated app.




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eBay Scam: Selling iPhones with Flappy Bird pre-installed is bogus

Known by the fact, the vintage smart phone game Flappy Bird has been pulled off from the app stores recently. This news got a lot of concerns from the Flappy Bird lovers all over the world. In a very short period, this news has spreaded to every nook of the internet world and finally turned into madness.

Internet scammers took advantage of this hype and started selling iPhones for high rates claiming that they have the last copy of the game pre-installed on the handset. You won't believe me if I say that I found an iPhone with Flappy Bird installed is set or sale for $8000 on eBay. You can found some similar sales on eBay with more than $2500 which totally doesn't worth buying in fact.

If it is highly wanted, why shutdown?

Think a while, if the game is that much wanted by the people, why it is shutdown? Sounds suspicious right? let's dig out facts,

If you observe the seller's feedback, you would caught them scamming red-handed. There you can find hardly 1-3 feedback messages from the buyers. Those too look like a trap to manipulate the victim. Take a look at the screenshot below.

If wanted, you can play Flappy Bird on your browser too

Yes! an HTML5 version of this game was released with in the hours of it's dismissal. Amfas Tech has already posted about this on Facebook earlier.

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Top 5 Free Apps to Create & Send Beautiful Greetings for this Valentine's Day

Love is in the air. Valentine's week has already started and it takes no time to hit Valentine's day. The people in love might be struggling to find a way to wish their valentine on that very important day which decides their future relationship. A wrong unfair wish might get you in trouble. So as to help you find a way to impress, I've come up with some sack of apps for this valentine's day for your smart phone that can be used to create and send beautiful greetings to your love. Check'em out.

1. Valentine's Day Frames

If your are opting for picture greetings, you better choose this application. This app is developed by Android Pixels team which is so good in creating framing applications. Valentine's Day Frames is an photo frame application with 25 unique love photo frames and 10 special image effects. Creating a greeting of your photograph with this application would surely impress your love. This app is available for Android only. There available similar applications for Windows phone and IOS

Download for Android

2. Love Quotes

Skoll Labs LLC team is great at creating 'bunch-of-things' apps. Among the all, Love Quotes is the best application that is mostly downloaded app. This application contains a base of different categories of love quotes. The categories of quotes include Cute, Funny, Flirt, Sexy, Girly, Romance, Poems, Sayings, Hearts, Flowers, Valentines Day. It cycle through these daily pictures as Wallpapers and Backgrounds from your gallery. Get your phone some Quote wallpapers. Share them to your love and tell me if he/she is not impressed. This app is available in Android and IOS. There is no Windows Phone version of this application.

Download for Android
Download for IOS

3. 101 Romantic Ideas

Have you ran out of romantic ideas? Still can't figure out how to impress your love? don't worry smartphones comes with romantic ideas now-a-days. 101 Romantic Ideas is an wonderful application created by Quality MRRs Ltd. and this helps to bring 'that' essence for your valentine's day. This app is an all-rounder. It is helpful to those who are in first love, who eventually miss the flavor of it getting busy in work and for those who are at cutting edge of the relationship.

Download for Android
Download for IOS
Download for Windows Phone

4. Love Messages

Romantic messages is an SMS application that contains the best flirty, poetic quotes that can impress your love for this valentine's day. This app was created to be downloaded for free.

Download for Android
Download for Windows Phone

5. Love Calculator

Calculate your love percentage and find more ways to strengthen your relationship. Don't take the test results seriously, it's just a fun application that runs with some algorithms coded. After all there is no such tool available in the world that can calculate love.

Have I missed some other top apps? What do you think of these top 5 apps for this valentine's day? Comment below!

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Mobile Application Marketing Tips To Elevate Your Business

App development is a constantly growing industry that, even though already densely populated, always has room for stars on the rise. It is this huge number of people already working on the development of smartphone apps that usually acts as a deterrent to those also thinking about pursuing the same career. Quite simply, people are afraid that they will never get enough exposure in such a crowded market and they give up before even trying. If, however, you are not scarred of a little competition, you’ll be glad to know that there are things that you can do to help you distinguish yourself from your competitors and attract quite a bit of attention from consumers.

First of all, you should know that in this industry, app marketing strategy planning happens pretty much at the same time as the development of the app itself. In order to determine which features your app should poses and what criteria it needs to satisfy, you’ll have to do an extensive research of your competitors and to gain a decent understanding for the customer demands. Both of these things,seeing what is currently offered and what you can do to present people with a new, original and useful product, as well as identifying your target demographics and their specific demands, will play an important role in the creation of your marketing strategy. If you manage to create a uniquely useful product, you’re marketing will practically take care of itself.
mobile apps marketing

This also means that you can start creating hype among the potentially interested consumers as soon as you’ve determined who they are. Issuing updates and keeping the public informed can go a long way towards building up expectations and ensuring a rise of interest in your app. Alternatively, you could keep quiet until the app is completely finished, and hope to increase the impact that the features of your app will have on people after the launch. Deciding on one of these two approaches will depend both on your target demographics as well as on the type of the app you are making and the solutions that you have included in the app.

Naturally, having a website focused around the app could help you immensely, especially if you manage to make it informative and extensive enough to support its own steady reader base. This is to say that it doesn’t have to be only about the app itself, but can offer different materials that people in your target demographics find interesting or useful.

Engagement on social networks is pretty much already a given in any marketing discussion, and naturally, app development is not an exception. Keeping people notified on everything that is new with your app or company is just a fragment of your responsibilities, though. If you want to gain any real attention you have to offer something that people will find engaging. This is where you really get to be creative with your approach. Finding something interesting about your app shouldn’t be a problem for you, so feel free to make a video or post about it that you can easily share with people who are considered influencers in your niche.

Finally, make sure that your customers are satisfied and that you are offering a top notch product – word of mouth and positive reviews are as important as ever.

Author Bio:

Samuel is a writer and blogger for Mobile shop.,Currently exploring everything related to technology.
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6 Tips to Create Great Mobile Web Design

It’s not a little known fact that mobile and web design have not just developed greatly, but have also blended well. Now a website design is incomplete without having a customized mobile web design in place. They both go hand in hand. In order to develop a solid, visually appealing and futuristic mobile web design, there are a range of options in between and aspects to take care of. Here are 6 ultimate tips on what to keep into account when defining your mobile strategy and designing for mobile.

6 Tips to Create Great Mobile Web Design

1. The mobile and web development industry is growing at a rapid pace

Web design companies are struggling to keep up with this pace and find it difficult to upgrade their creations every other month or year, as and when mobile advancements happen, or when people change their preferences. To be able to remain parallel to this change, companies need to be futuristic in their approach. As much possible they need to develop something which can be upgraded after few years rather than a complete redesign. For this, companies need to list their primary requirements, challenges and solutions. Once immediate needs are in place, one can alter the strategy around those requirements. Being futuristic will help companies to match the increasing development.

2. Be updated about new technologies and what are the expected trends

Knowing what device is more popular amongst the users, and from which device or region does majority of traction comes in, will help a web design company to work in a specific direction. It helps to plan a strategy according to what the user is expecting. For this, a strong research and analysis team is required. This team should be able to analyse and report about user behaviour. Moreover, they should be able to come up with constructive steps that should be considered while developing websites for mobile viewing. Go one step further by also analysing whether majority users have a speedy internet connection or not. It will be beneficial if the website aims at collecting data. You wouldn’t want the user to refill data repeatedly because the website takes too much bandwidth, than what their connection can give.

3. There are two perspectives to look at mobile design

One being that people are in a hurry and want everything quick and crisp on their mobile. Second being that people are on mobile majority times when they have a lot of time to kill. In both perspectives, to a large extent, companies are right. So what’s the middle path? Keep the content crisp, loading time fast and less scrolling and navigation. In either perspectives, these things will never backfire for any company. There are a range of misconceptions regarding mobile website usage that can lead to misleading design decisions.

4. Try to avoid building separate mobile sites

Continuity is always preferred by any user. Additionally, to make a separate mobile site will be time consuming as well as an added cost. During times of upgrade, it would be laborious to update two different websites of the same company. A web design company should always suggest this to their clients.

6. You can always optimize your design and codes keeping the same content in place

It’s how you play with designs and presentation that will enhance the impact of the content placed. Test this thoroughly before rolling it out. Not just on different devices, but test it through different people. Don’t consider all perspectives that you receive; choose the important and good ones to execute. Use it optimally since mobile is a great platform where features can be tailored to create a great experience and connect with the user, which a desktop might not be able to achieve.

Author Bio:

Stan Joe runs a successful web design company in the states. He believes that the best recall value can be established only through electronic media and that made him drive to discover many hidden gems of the web industry. He also lectures at many universities about power of electronic media.
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Dhoom 3 Official Game Released | Download available for Android, Windows & IOS devices

The era to play Indian cinema in action on our devices has begun. The game releases of the Gajini, Jalsa(Tollywood) and recent science fiction super hero movie Krishh 3 were a success in the mobile apps market. This shows the marketing strategies of Indian cinema moving into next level. And now its DOOM 3’s time to get into next level.


Dhoom 3 Official Game Released | Download available for Android, Windows & IOS devices


99Games has taken a step forward in releasing this game. This game is available for the mostly used operating systems Android, IOS and Windows phone OS.


Game Description





For all the fans of Dhoom franchise, here is the first in the series, action packed, thriller Dhoom:3 The Game. Don the cape of the Dhoom:3 movie anti-hero and zoom through the streets of Chicago on your Super Bike as you evade ACP Jai Dixit, Ali and the Cops. With simple Tilt and Tap controls, enjoy hours of fun filled action in this 3D endless racing game.


The Cops are out in full force & there's just one way out! Ride hard and fast through the streets on your Super Bike battling heavy traffic, cops, pursuit helicopters and more! Use the Nitro power-up to reach extreme speeds and leave everybody in your trail! Trouble ahead? Blow away everything in your path with the Sonic Pulse & keep the Chase up!


DHOOM:3 THE GAME Features:

1. State-of-the-Art Graphics for an awesome gameplay experience on Android Smartphones and Tablets!
2. Responsive Accelerometer and Tap Controls to steer you to victory!
3. Collect Coins In-Game and use them to buy cool bikes, racing suits and Power-Ups!
4. Hit extreme speed with Nitro boosts, clear your way with powerful Sonic blasts and become invincible with Shields.
5. Race up the Leaderboards and show everyone you are the master of your destiny!


See more features at 99Games


This is the Official Game for all the fans of Dhoom Franchise i.e Dhoom, Dhoom 2 and Dhoom 3 !


Game Screenshots

Dhoom 3 Official Game Released

Dhoom Machale with Dhoom:3 The Game

Dhoom 3 Official Game Screenshot

Dhoom 3 Official Game screenshot 2



Download DHOOM 3 for Android

Download DHOOM 3 for Windows Phone

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Apple iPad Air, new iPad Mini set on sale in India

Apple iPad Air, new iPad Mini on sale in India


The new iPad range from Apple has become available in India from Saturday evening.


Ingram Micro, the authorized distribution partner of Apple in India, has started making the tablets available across the country from Saturday.


The new iPad Mini is the first 7-inch version of Apple's tablet to be available with Retina display.


The iPad Mini will be available in India at a starting price of Rs 28,900 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model.


The new iPad Air, which is the thinnest iPad ever, will have a starting price of Rs. 35,900 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. The iPad Air features a 9.7-inch Retina display in a body that weighs just 453 grams. It is 20 per cent thinner and 28 per cent lighter than the fourth generation iPad.


The earlier versions will continue to sell alongside the new devices. The earlier iPad Mini is available for Rs 21,900 onwards, while the fourth generation iPad is available for Rs 28,500 plus.

iPad Air product video.


- Indian Express

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The World Statistics of Mobile Apps [Infographic]

While I was looking for the information on 'competition among the applications of different smart phone operating systems, I found an infographic that speaks all the information in one single image. It is as follows,

mobile app marketing infographic

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Apple iPad Air Full Technical Review

Apple comes up with its new flick the ‘iPad Air’ which is the next series of tablet i-devices. This i-device is redefined from the earlier released versions of iPad. Lets take a look at the technical specifications Apple is promising with this device.



Apple never compromises in designing of its products. No matter whether it is an iPod, iPhone or iPad, Apple gives its best look to its devices with great scratch resistant material. The iPad Air looks alike iPad Mini but made some changes regarding the screen size and thickness of the tablet.
You can the buttons and controls of the iPad Air from the following screenshot.


iPad Air comes in two colors space gray and silver just like its ancestors. It seems like the word ‘Air’ is justified in case of this device. The iPad Air weighs 1 pound i.e., 469 grams without Wi-Fi+cellular and 1.05 pounds i.e., 478 grams with Wi-Fi+cellular which gives really a feather lite feeling when holding it in hands. The size 9.4x6.6 makes up a big screen with 9.7-inch LED-backlight multi-touch display with IPS technology. iPad Air design specifications are of next generation series of the iPad series by truth.


The 9.7 inch LED-backlight multi-touch display with IPS technology gives the brightest display on the screen. The retina ready display technology gives a sharper and cutting smooth edge graphics in ‘Air’.

The display also has the finger print resistant oleophobic coating that helps to keep the display clean resisting the finger prints and glue like dust to stick on it.


Apple’s A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor makes up powerful processing of the data and graphics much smoothly than iPad 2’s A5 chip. It makes everything quick from launching apps to browsing the web. It’s efficiency can save battery power more than 10 hours.


iPad Air comes with four series of memories, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB for both the devices with and without Wi-Fi and cellular. The price varies with how much memory you choose to buy with it.

Camera & Multimedia

Rear iSight Camera
iPad Air have two cameras one at the rear and another at front side of the device. The rear camera is a 5MP one with Autofocus, face-detection, backside illumination, geo tagging, HDR photographing features. It is a five-element lens with hybrid IR filter. It also has tap to focus feature on video and imaging and F/2.4 aperture.

Front Face-Time HD Camera
The front Face-Time HD camera is of 1.2MP. It features 720p HD video, FaceTime video calling over Wi-Fi- or cellular, face detection, backside illumination, tap to control expose for video or still images and photo and video geo tagging.

HD Video Recording
Video recording with the rear camera is full HD and it is records video in 1080p HD resolution. Video recording features video stabilization, face detection, tap to focus, backside illumination and 3X video zoom.

Operating System

iOS7 is the new advanced trending mobile OS now. Its all new features, graphics and design gives the brightest and sharp display on the screen. The iOS7 includes,
  • AirDrop
  • AirPlay
  • AirPrint
  • Control Center
  • Notification Center
  • Siri
  • Spotlight Search
  • iTunes Radio
  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • iCloud
  • iCloud Keychain
  • Multitasking
  • Passbook
Built-in Applications
The following are the built-in applications that comes along with the iOS7,



The following are the languages supported by the iOS7
Language support
English (U.S.), English (UK), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Keyboard support
English (U.S.), English (Canadian), English (UK), English (Australian), Chinese - Simplified (Handwriting, Pinyin, Stroke), Chinese - Traditional (Handwriting, Pinyin, Zhuyin, Cangjie, Stroke), French, French (Canadian), French (Switzerland), German (Germany), German (Switzerland), Italian, Japanese (Romaji, Kana), Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cherokee, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Emoji, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic/Latin), Slovak, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Dictionary support (enables predictive text and autocorrect)
English (U.S.), English (Canadian), English (UK), English (Australian), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, French (Canadian), French (Switzerland), German, Italian, Japanese (Romaji, Kana), Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Catalan, Cherokee, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Siri languages
English (U.S., UK, Canada, Australia), Spanish (U.S., Mexico, Spain), French (France, Canada, Switzerland), German (Germany, Switzerland), Italian (Italy, Switzerland), Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Mainland China, Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong)

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