Recover Deleted Photos on Mac This Simple in 2020

The megapixel wars in the smartphone industry waged a way to a new problem, the storage space. Despite the cloud storage options and storage capacities on devices, it still runs out storage on the computer when we take the liberty of clicking hundreds of pictures. When storage runs out, users go with the no alternate option but to delete them to make space on the disk. The other situation may be accidentally formatting or crashing your storage as the digital devices are not perfect to be fully trusted on.

It is okay if you have a cloud backup of those memories but, what if you have deleted them without knowing if they are backed up or not? You may lose your important photos, videos and other important document files which could be as important as your career. Wouldn’t you feel helpless all of a sudden, if some misfortune happens with your important data?

How are you going to recover them? 

In my exploration of the recovery software, I found a desi tool (made in India) which does the job pretty good. The best thing about it is, it doesn’t have confusing options. This would be a great tool for those non-techies and the users who use computers for storing photos back up.

What’s the name of the photo recovery tool?

It’s Stellar Photo Recovery software. The developer base is located in Gurgaon, the aggressive corporate capital of the country. This software program assures a solution to recover deleted files, corrupted, formatted photos from a computer or an SD card.

Let’s take a quick look at the tool and how it works!

Stellar photo recovery does its job in bringing photo media files back which you have lost accidentally from your computer. There may be many reasons for losing photo media files but despite any reason, a tool like this is a great boon in this modern era.

It retrieves photo files in the raw file format in the computer and presents you the same photo with the original date and time. Not only this, ‘Stellar photo recovery’ can recover permanently deleted photos, from DSLR cameras, micro SD card, digital cameras, smartphones, memory card, CF cards, CDs – DVDs etc.

Yeah! I can hear, you just said how is this possible?

Oh well, Just to let you know that ‘Stellar photo recovery’ allows you to scan on regular intervals with a simple click. The scanning of the file goes in the background without hampering your normal work. The scanned files then go to your selected location in the disk which allows you to retrieve your data. So, whenever you require the file again even though if it's deleted, you will be able to resume the recovery without going through the hectic whole process again to get it.

The interface is easy to use. Even if the file format you wish to recover is not supported, you can easily create new file headers manually. The software uses raw file format to recover lost photos.

This makes ‘Stellar photo recovery’ as the best software for all your recovery software either in Windows or Mac operating system. 

Is it free to use?

Nothing is free in this modern world. Every effort and hard work required to make this software carries the value. Well, I can say to some extent it is free to use. With the free version, you can only preview the files. The software comes with three versions i.e. standard, professional, premium and you have to buy the software. There is much more facility included in the premium version. For example, if ‘Stellar Photo Recovery’ is unable to find the required format from the list of files detected, you need to go for 'deep scanning'.

After the completion and detection of required files through deep scanning, the retrieving can be done easily. In the standard version, you can only recover your photos whereas, in the premium version, even the corrupt files and photos can be repaired easily.

Is it compatible with the popular operating system?

Yeah! It is better compatible with the two most popular operating systems that are widely used, Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.

‘Stellar Photo Recovery’ software supports storage media greater than 2TB on Mac. With the help of this technical support stretch, files with any extension can be recovered.

The interface of this software is intuitive and easy to use. Even the person with less technical knowledge can operate this software. The professional and premium version of this software allows one to repair corrupt photos and extract thumbnails from them.

Let's learn how it should be used and what are the methods involved to operate it in Apple MAC operating system.

Firstly, launch the program and find the option to click on recover photos.

After that, you need to run a scan and select the folder or drive where you lost photos on. If you are still unable to find your photos, run a deep scan. Slowly, all the folders will get reflected side by side in the directory tree structure.

Simply choose the desired folder that shows all the deleted photos. Select the desired photos and click on 'Recover' button. There you go!

Check your recovered photos now and tell me your experience in the comments below.

Give it a try and install the software on your Windows or MAC operating system and stop stressing out your beautiful day.

Accidentally deleted photos formatted, or system crashed? Still, worrying after reading the review of Stellar Photo Recovery software? C'mon! Help yourself in downloading the software on to your computer and talk to me in the comments.

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