Everything About Art Features and Thumb Friendly Navigation in Web Development

Modern web development needs all those features and things included in it that the modern users look for. They look for innovative and useful info, easy to navigate sites, noticeable buttons and better operation and efficacy. In order to ensure that you input all of these things in your web development design you will need to know the modern trends of the industry and follow it diligently.

Modern web development is all about a perfect blending of art and science. Therefore, the more creative and knowledgeable you are, better will be your design. The site will be more effective, functional and appealing to the users. Here are a few things that you should know and implement in your web development process.

Art Features and Thumb Friendly Navigation in web development

Glitch art

There is a significant comeback of retro design but glitch art is something when such retro designs go wrong. It is lust like those crinkled films or slow dial-up connections moments that lead to a striking and distorted image, rather unintentionally.

In modern web development and design however, glitch art plays a significant role, especially in this scenario when computers are so prevalent. People fear that machines may take over the humans but at the same time they wonder what they would do without these machines. It is for this reason a proper breakdown of technology is required. It will help to:

  • Make more appealing subject matter
  • Create a better idea
  • Enable better and proper design execution
  • Draw the eyes of the viewers to specifically warped and doubly exposed parts of the site.

Glitch art may be strange but is more futuristic though it amplifies the feeling of disorientation but it surely gives a site a distinct psychedelic look.

Micro interactions

These are special events that aim towards one specific thing which is to create an event that will surprise the user being more human and inviting. Each time the users take any small action on the site or any app, there will be a particular response created for it. This is what micro-interactions are all about. For example:

  • The beep you hear when you refresh a Twitter page and
  • The red icon displaying the message count when you check Facebook.

Until the beginning of this year, these were the typical uses of micro-interactions but now the web pages are heavily featured with more interactive incarnations such as chimes, hover and scrolling animations and much more.

These help in getting more and more audiences involved in your website and transform info more subtly to them so that they come to know about the usage as well as the actions required to take. This makes the pages look and feel much better and smarter.

Evolving of chatbots

Chatbots may be up-and-coming for some time now but will surely come to the spotlight in 2019. This is primarily due to the advancements made in the fields of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence that almost every digital marketing company of today is well aware of. These will make the sites more efficient and intelligent.

When the new chatbots will be added to these technologies to develop a web page, it will result in higher levels of customization as compared to the past iterations.

  • The bright colors will make these design elements more prominent on the page and at the same time make these more inviting.
  • It is also expected that this year the web developers will also incorporate friendly mascots along with it that will help them to represent the brands more easily as it will give the bots a personable face.

More video content

This does not need much of an explanation and it is nothing new to incorporate a video content in your web development process. This will not only make your site look more appealing but at the same time it will keep thing much simpler and easy to understand for the users.

  • Since pictures speak for a thousand words, it will make a long lasting impression in the minds of the viewers.
  • It will also diversify the page and will cater to the audiences who are on-the-go and do not have time enough to go through the entire text.

However, the new thing in it is that Google has made a move toward assorted search page results wherein the sites with video content features higher in the ranking page as compared to all the standard web pages. 

This move by Google has compelled the web developers to prioritize video production and inclusion in their web development process in order to make the site easily searchable, high ranking and easy to understand content in the most shareable and efficient way.

Thumb friendly navigation

Modern day internet browsing is based on mobile more than desktop and therefore modern web design is required to be more thumb friendly overall. In fact, modern web design is about ‘Designing for Touch.’

In order to ensure that the design and functionality in the app or site it is required to know a few specific things such as:

  • How the users hold the mobile phones
  • Their thumb movements and others.

These behavioral aspects need to be processed in the web development process. This will ensure that the navigation is tailored to the thumb and the users will not encounter any issues such as a menu moving on to the bottom of screen.

Minimalism and diversity

Modern users need ‘more in less’ and therefore modern web design and development is all about minimalism which ensures diversity in design. The fewer are the elements in the design and in the content the website will be more functional, effective and appealing!

In 2019, minimalism will dominate the digital landscape. Fade-in effects and animations will make scrolling more engaging and at the same time will create more whitespaces that will give the web developers to space out their content eliminating chances of distraction.

The diversity created is very important as webs are used ‘World Wide’ by users from different cultures, ages, abilities, and gender identities.

Therefore, use your craft and creative skill to make a better mark in this digital space.

Author bio: Barrack Diego has worked as an editor and writer for more than 10 years. He enjoys mentoring young and upcoming writers. To find out more about web design, SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Business, UI/UX visit Bigdropinc.com.

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