Android 10 Has This Wonderful Feature That No Reviewer Told You Yet

The new Android 10 stable version has started rolling out to Pixel phones since September 4th and we have a number of reviews talking about the same features in videos reviews. I did not see anyone talking about this wonderful feature that I’m going to let you know now. The reviewers might have overlooked it or they did not care it as an important one to cover.

But, I see it is more important than world-going-crazy dark mode. The dark mode isn’t a new one though. I don’t find it amusing in 2019.

The one feature that I am talking about is the ability to sense the danger with hardware misfunctioning and protecting the whole system from its fatal failure.

Wait! Am I the only one who imagined Jarvis talking to Ironman in his helmet about the damaged boosters, just now?

Android 10, along with the amazing changes to the UI and privacy brings a feature to protect its USB port from liquid spills and debris.

I am not joking. It now senses the liquid spills and debris in the USB port and warns the user to clean it up before something goes wrong.

Now tell me, how many times have you adjusted the charger cable to make it work? Or when you are connecting it to the computer? You feel me, right?

We generally protect our phones with back cases, skins, and third-party tamper-proof glasses for extra protection. But, we don’t give a damn about the ports at all.

Hold on a sec! I am not asking you to seal them with wax. Just keep cleaning them periodically. And don’t expose them to dust and open environment conditions much.

“Dude I live in a desert and I can’t help it!” – Your inner voice, if you lived in a dusty stormy area.

I can help you with it. Go to Amazon and find a USB port cleaner tool kit of your choice. It won’t cost you more than $5.

For Curious Nerds: How Android 10 senses liquid and debris in USB ports? Does it need any special hardware in smartphones? Will it work on my $100 phone too?

Okay! Stop freaking out! I understand the curiosity there. Just sit down and breath it out.

You will get Jarvis like super artificial intelligent with Android 10.

Stop those pupils getting any bigger. I was just kidding. We are not there yet.

It involves no special hardware and works on every device Android 10 can be installed on to.

Yeah! *5-second happy dance!*

The software detects unusual intake of power or data when using it. There could be two reasons for this, a faulty USB cable or a liquid or debris spilt in it. It then detects the power chirping white charging and notifies it.

To protect the phone from future damage due to that, it disables the USB port until it dried or brushed it off. Isn’t that cool?

How come reviewers on YouTube have not identified it yet?

They might or might not be. It’s just been a couple of days since Android Q10 stable started rolling out. It’s too soon for them.

How did I come to know about it?

We have this union territory for Android called XDA Forums, if you ever stumbled upon it, you would know. XDA Forums revealed this feature first on the web.

You could follow the link to read some nerdy stuff there.

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