[Official] Android 10 Stable Will Start Rolling Out from September 3 2019

The waiting for the next bigger version of Android is coming to end on 3rd September 2019. Google has broken the hearts of many fans who are eagerly waiting for the next dessert name for Android Q, with a change in the tradition.

Android 10, after they named it after a number, perhaps to signal the android community that ‘Z’ in alphabets cannot denote an end to its growth, a few new changes followed it. Along with a new naming notation, Google changes the font style, and Android bot’s shape and colour to more visually friendly. 

The stable which is supposed to roll out in the last quarter is expected to happen from the last week of September beginning with Pixel phones. This important information is revealed by the Google support staff to one of the Phone Arena’s employees. 



Image Source: PhoneArena

For a question asked about the Android 10 stable rollout for Pixel 3a, the support staff answers that the big update will start rolling out from September 3, 2019.

In another instance, another Google support staff gives the same information.

"Rolling out of Android Q would be Sep 3, 2019.” – Google Support staff.

You should be excited if you are using any Google Pixel phone. The rollout may be followed up to Android One devices by the end of the year. HMD Global has already revealed its roadmap of Android Q updates to its Nokia smartphones lately.


As it says, Nokia PureView 9, Nokia 8.1, and Nokia 7.1 are the first ones to this update by the end of Q4 of 2019 followed by other models in the first two quarters of 2020.

Which phone are you using? What version of Android is it running on? Comment below and we will try to get some news about it.

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