[Solution] CamScanner Malware Alert: 100M+ Users are Affected with Trojan Dropper

The popular document scanner software, CamScanner is found to be delivering malware into its users’ phones lately. Kaspersky identifies this malware in the app that is injecting through in-app advertisements.

The app developers had no intention of snooping the users’ data but the advertising partners of the application caught responsible for this swindle. Some of the advertisements shown on the app started dropping trojans, which appear as a joke or a hoax to the users but do under the hood installations of malicious apps.

Some of the users of CamScanner application have already started reporting the malicious behavior on Google Play Store.

Everything you install from Google Play Store is not safer anymore. Hosting millions of apps on the platform, it is not practically possible even for Google to scan for vulnerabilities in all of them at a time.

What is Trojan Dropper?

Trojan Dropper is a capsule carrying the original malware app that bypasses the security scanner of the phone or computer. It drops the malware apps with the face of a joke, meme or a hoax installing the app in the background.

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The dropper is difficult to get caught with the content it is carrying. That’s why hackers find it easy to write the dropper than a trojan itself. As these droppers are written in JavaScript or VBScript, it is easy to enter into the system easily.

A Trojan Dropper can install an adware, malware or any pornware like ApplePie on your phone with your consent.

How to get rid of CamScanner and Trojan Dropper on my phone?

CamScanner developers have already eliminated the malicious code from the app and released an update. If you are using the older version of CamScanner, update it.

Also, update the android version on your version for the latest security patch to stay protected from these kind of threats. Even Google Play Store is not safer. You cannot blindly trust a app store to take care of the security on your phone. Do your part.

Uninstalling CamScanner:

If you want to uninstall CamScanner application on your android phone, just long tap and hold the app > click on ‘info’ or ‘i’ icon > Storage > Clear the ‘cache’ and ‘app data’ > then ‘Uninstall’. 

Disable 'install apps from unknown sources' setting from your security settings. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps > Check what application is allowing unknown apk files to be installed on your phone, and Disable it.

The process of disabling app installations from unknown sources may differ with different versions of android or according to customised UIs. Explore the option and disable it.

Do you experience any odd behavior on your phone? Tell us about it in comments below.

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