How To Block Messages From Unknown People On Facebook

Update 26-Aug-2019: The process of blocking the messages from unknown persons have evolved with the improvements and changes in the UI on Facebook. Find the proper option which would be relevant to the process mentioned below.

Though Facebook is a vast populated virtual world making friends and meeting old pals, it is also disturbing when unknown persons send messages often. One just can’t reply or keep on deleting unknown messages from their inbox every time. Here is a simple solution to this problem.

After Facebook is upgraded with the graph search, the whole menu bar flips totally reverse. This might confuse people a bit but the privacy shortcuts and settings buttons never changed their positions.

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes in its user interface but the options never changed except the way they are organized of a few. Most possible ways an unknown person can send messages from unknown persons is that the timeline and messages.

If you could block unknown persons from being tagging and sending messages, you will successfully block the non-sense on your Facebook.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’ and under ‘Timeline and Tagging’, Click on ‘
Who can add things to my timeline?’ option and set it to ‘friends’.

Under the same setting, click on ‘Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?’ and set it to ‘On’.

This avoids the automatic posting of all tags that you will be getting on the posts, even from your friends.

Step 2: Go to ‘Privacy’ options and set ‘Who can see my stuff?’ to ‘friends’.


Step 3: Click on ‘Who can contact me?’ and set it to ‘friends of friends’. At least the friend request sender can be identified through the common friends.

Step 4: Then go to ‘Who can look me up?’ options and set it to ‘friends’ and ‘’No’.

Step 5: Move on to ‘Blocking’ and scroll down to ‘Block Messages’ options. Type the name of the person if you had an unknown person in your profile and add them to the block list.

If you want to block those who aren’t added to your friends' list, never bother. Facebook automatically moves all messages from non-friends on Facebook to ‘Message Requests’ folder in your ‘Messages’ menu. They will never bother you unless you notice them yourself.

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