MacBook is with Microsoft Now; Suggests Surface Over a MacBook

The name that needs no introduction, MacBook, now works with Microsoft. Yeah! We are not lying.

Mackenzie Book, a real person with a real name like that, shortly called, MacBook appears in a leaked Microsoft Surface 2 Laptop advertisement promoting it over Apple's MacBook.

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This is not the first time Microsoft and Apple pulled each other's leg in advertisements but this one's more witter and undeniable - not the message of the ad, but the man with Apple's product name suggesting surface 2 laptops.

The man that Microsoft hired to make the advertisement was leaked by @h0x0d (Walking Cat) on twitter and it goes viral. the 30-second ad introduces the man with Mackenzie Book, called shortly as 'Mac Book' and plays in a comparative tone.

Someone keeps asking him which one's the better laptop and Mac, putting Apple's MacBook and Microsoft's Surface 2 laptop on the table, answers in favor of Microsoft; Indeed he would.

Watch the video yourself:

Technically, speaking Windows 10 is getting better with updates over time. The recent 1903 update brings the white theme, clipboard, whiteboard tools, feature-rich snipping tool, and more to Windows. It makes Windows 10 interesting and useful than its previous version.

On the other hand, Apple releases the latest updates to Mojave with some unseen updates to old MacBooks. It, however, is as smoother as since it's the origin. Not that I am taking sides, Mac OS is more fluid and secure than Windows always and will be. For a guy who would start their journey with computers on Windows would end up living on Mac OS.

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