How to Access Blocked/Banned Websites Without Technical Knowledge

This article will be in a basic tone. The technical terminology is simplified to make it understandable to people with less or no technical knowledge. If you are an expert looking for advanced techniques, you may go through our previous articles about accessing blocked web

Although, I suggest you read the whole article to know the benefit of this technique.

Internet is a free world that needs censorship based on the mental maturity of the people living in that particular region. Governments of the countries undertake this responsibility to censor the content available on the web. Still, it is necessary for people who can understand it well.

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You cannot ban knives because someone is murdered with it. Some wise people use it to cook a delicious meal.

Is it legal to access blocked websites?

Accessing blocked or banned websites is not always illegal if you have membership access to them. Anyways, this may differ from website to website. For example, a Netflix member accessing the website outside the country might be banned due to regional censorship. Yet, you are a legal member of the website to access its content. Hope you understood the difference.

Warning: of the author won't be responsible if you get caught accessing the dark web or any other anti-social websites that are strictly banned in your country. If you have a little technical knowledge, read our 'access blocked websites' articles. 

How to access blocked websites?

As you are not packed with much technical knowledge, I will make it easier for you, like as in 2 to 3 clicks.

Go to this website called, NordVPN, basically, a VPN service website that keeps you connected to a secured private network protecting you from all sorts of tracking from the websites you surf.

How to access NordVPN on the computer?

Windows or Mac OS, you can go to the NordVPN website, subscribe to a plan of your choice and download the NordVPN software. The installation process is pretty easy as installing any other software on your computer. If you are not aware of how to install software on your computer, feel free to ask for help. 

If you don't find anyone or don't want anyone to know about it, ask us. We can help you set up a VPN on your computer for a 'like' and 'share'. Ask us fo help!

How to install NordVPN on a mobile phone?

NordVPN is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download directly from there and sign in with your credentials.

Running NordVPN on computer/phone

After installation, the software will ask you to enter the login credentials that you have provided at the time of buying a VPN plan. Enter your details and login.

I will show you how it works on my MacBook. It will be same on any other device as the software has the same user interface for all platforms.

When running for the first time after installation, it will show you a note assuring the safety of your privacy. Click on 'accept & continue' to get started.

Now sign in with your email and password to start using it. Choose a country server from the left pane and minimize it.

Now, go to and check your IP. Your IP should reflect the address details of the selected country server. Or else check if you have properly done the same process well.

You can keep the software running when the computer starts. Here is how the setting looks like: 

You can also keep it docked or minimized. Here is how the setting looks like:

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