Instagram Deletes Meme Pages with 30 Millions Followers

In a purging process, Instagram, the largest photo-sharing platform deletes meme pages with 30 million followers combined. All the accounts removed were permanent and cannot be restored in the future. Instagram takes this action without any prior notice or warning to the admins.

According to the reports, the pages were earning $30,000 through brand partnerships and using that money for college fees. Looks like Instagram is taking its updated policies seriously.

Hardtimes hitting the influencers who make their livelihood based on these pages. Instagram, however, has all the rights to delete the pages whenever it likes. Nw, it's time for meme page owners to look out for some other way to survive on Instagram.

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The meme page owners with huge followers were massively funded by the politicians during elections in India to target the opposite contestants. The leaked call logs and data leaks add weight to this allegation.

Do you have a meme page on Instagram? Do you rely on it for livelihood income? Go check once and let us know what happened in comments below.

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