Realme 5 Pro vs Realme XT: Which Phone to Buy?

When the market is competitive, companies tend to grab the most occupiable share of it. The smartphone market has taken the same plunge leaving the brands on a sprint run in every quarter. Realme is going aggressive with its new product releases almost every month, sometimes even twice.

Realme’s new member in the family (I’m only going to talk about the pro version here in this article. So, don’t curse me), Realme 5 pro is not even into the market properly but got competition from an in-house upcoming phone now. You know what am I talking about – Realme XT.

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Realme 5 Pro and Realme XT come with almost same specifications expect a difference in the rear camera module on XT.

Realme 5 Pro houses a 48MP primary sensor along with 8MP+2MP+2MP wide-angle, portrait and macro lenses whereas Realme XT houses a 64MP primary sensor along with the same 8MP+2MP+2MP combo. 

Literally, if you see, there is no practical difference. 

Before we jump into the one-on-one fight between Realme 5 Pro and Realme XT, let’s dig into their specifications. As they board the same specifications: 

Design – Same twin-looking design with design difference on the back; Realme XT sports glass on the back for the first time in the Realme smartphone history.

Display – Realme 5 Pro with 6.3’ inch FHD+ LCD display vs 6.4’ inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display.

Processor – Both the phones board Snapdragon 712AIE processor clocking at 2.3GHz speed.

RAM – 4/6/8GB in combination with different internal storage on both the phones.

Internal Storage – 64/128GB on both the phones.

Battery – Realme 5 Pro’s 4035mAh battery vs Realme XT’s 4000mAh battery.

The real differences between Realme 5 Pro and Realme XT:


Design is the key differentiation between any two models. Realme follows this tradition imbibed from its parent company Oppo. It brings back the diamond pattern back to Realme 5 Pro and shiny light design with glass for the first time on it back for Realme XT.


Realme continues the traditional LCD display on Realme 5 Pro (even after introducing AMOLED finally to its Realme X a month ago) and provides Super AMOLED display on Realme XT.


The whooping 4000+ battery on both the devices is a great addition to the processor. Realme 5 Pro houses 4035mAh battery exactly whereas Realme XT holds 4000mAh that is 35mAh less than that of 5 Pro.

Technically speaking, 4000mAh on Realme XT have better chances of longer battery life due to the Super AMOLED display on the device. Never judge the ability based on the battery capacity. There are lot more factors contribute to its conclusion.


This becomes the deciding factor now as both the phones are almost similar except minor differences. Looking at the prices, Realme 5 Pro ranges between ₹13,999-₹16,999 whereas Realme XT may come tagged between ₹16,999 and ₹19,999.

As the company always surprises people with its prices ranging lower than the expectations, I expect it to range between ₹14,999 and ₹18,999.

Making the decision: Which phone and version to choose?

Before you proceed, keep in mind that we are doing this analysis based on the expected prices of Realme XT. Once the prices are announced at its launch, I will give an updated analysis in this article itself.

Decision type #1:

Taking the average common price among all the versions, ₹14,999 on both the devices, Realme 5 Pro for 6GB/64GB version and Realme XT for 4GB/64GB version at its starting price segment stands competitive. If it was for me, I would choose Super AMOLED display over an LCD display for the sacrifice of 2GB more RAM.

If you are a serious multitasker and you think you want the total 6GB RAM for your heavy usage, go for Realme 5 Pro at ₹14,999. If you are much of videos watching person, an AMOLED display is a clear winner in this case – Realme XT.

WAIT! The judgement is not over yet. The above decision is based on the common price point only.

Decision type #2:

The higher-end versions of both the devices would possibly be at ₹2,000 difference. For a glass back and a Super AMOLED display, I wouldn’t put that money as it comes with the same internals. After a month of preferring Realme XT, it won’t make any sense to me.

Decision type #3:

Just like they brought Realme X after a month of launching Realme 3 Pro, they might launch the XT on September 20th at the same/similar price range, making you regret opting for Realme 5 Pro.

Realme is really killing its own legacy devices. They re-branded(hopefully) Realme 5 Pro and launched it as Realme Q in China. Is Snapdragon 712AIE going to become ‘Xiaomi’s 625’ for Realme? You know what I mean.

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