This is the Reason Why Google Celebrates Birthday on Different Dates | Confusions Clarified on Google Birthday Date & Doodle

Google needs no introduction and its birthday either. Because you might have seen it displaying this following doodle for the year of 2016, as its birthday.


By 2016, Google turns 18 and is officially an adult now. The confusion among the dates of Google’s birthday leaves some fuses of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s belief in calendars.

In 1998, the official Google birthday was marked on the September 27th (the same day now after 18 years). But, later it was observed on September 8th till its 6th birthday. Later in 2004, the birthday doodle went live on September 7th which is a day prior to last year’s. In 2005, it was observed on September 26th and in 2006 it was seen on September 27th again.

Ryan Germic writes to the users about celebrating Google birthday in different dates on its 15th birthday. He says that the first Google birthday doodle was posted even before the company is officially incorporated. You can read this Wikipedia article informing that Google was founded on September 4th, 1998 officially.

No birthday doodle on

For your surprise, we have tried to check the Google’s birthday doodle on which showed nothing but the regular logo.


Isn’t that surprising?

Of course, it is! I think you have funded a clue why Google celebrates different birthdays by this simple check.

Still didn’t get it? See some more examples below

It is showing the birthday doodle on (we are from India after all) and when we tried to open, it showed a normal logo.

We didn’t stop. We tried it for some more location-specific domains. Here is what we found: (United Kingdom):

gogole-uk-birthday-doodle (Angola): (Costa Rica):

Every .co.xx Google domain we have seen is having this birthday doodle displayed. We didn’t quit yet. We moved onto (check) non .co.xx domains as well. Some of such kind of domains are structured as and www.Google.xx. All such domains other than is displaying the birthday doodle all over the globe.

I hope you understand why Google celebrates different birthdays by now. Before you thank me in the comments below, learn more about Google company information.

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