GetResponse vs. InfusionSoft: The Difference You Should Know

Whenever I'm out here writing a review, I ask myself, would I buy the products I'm vouching for myself, and being honest the answer isn't always simple.

I mean I try my best to make a review as honest and transparent as humanly possible, but then again my needs, purpose, budget, everything differs from my readers', right?

So that's the reason why I'm here again with another one, a detailed insight into GetResponse VS InfusionSoft.

And hey, I won't tell you which one is better, because trust me they both are good, so just take a look at the features and then decide for yourselves based on your parameters.

GetResponse vs. InfusionSoft:

Well, GetResponse and InfusionSoft both are E-mail Marketing tools, so no doubt there's a lot common between them. But it's the differences that make something unique, better than the other, right?

So let me first start off with the "differences", things I was highly impressed with GetResponse while InfusionSoft could improvise upon them.

Webinar Pages:

Whenever I write a review, this is the one feature where GetResponse always seems to enjoy the upper hand.

If I'm paying an E-mail marketing tool, there are chances I'm going to do a lot more than just "email marketing" with the tool, right? Only Email Marketing is so last decade!


So well GetResponse has this unique feature where it lets me host, analyze, gather reports and data of a Webinar right from inside of it's dashboard! (Wait, How's that E-mail Marketing?)

Trust me, nothing converts better than free webinars! People just throw their E-mail ID's out to us, and for that, I wouldn't really like paying an E-mail marketing client + a separate webinar client right?

So yeah, that's one thing that I love about GetResponse.

Landing Pages:

Again, Email Marketing isn't just about sending out e-mails! And landing tools is just my second strategy after webinars to collect E-mails.

GetResponse offers me a Drag & Drop landing page builder. With 100+ Pre-Designed templates! So all I've got to do is, edit the text and my super-professional landing pages are ready.


InfusionSoft too has a landing page builder too but sadly enough it's not exactly drag & drop! Yes the logic is so, but it's kinda complicate and not as easy as GetResponse.

And additionally, you don't get as many pre-designed landing page templates with InfusionSoft either. Not to mention the lack of elements compared to GetResponse.

So in other words, I'd prefer GetResponse's landing page builder any day over InfusionSoft's.

Official WordPress Plugins:

Ofcourse if we're talking E-mail Marketing, we can't forget WordPress integrations, right? I mean we all need WordPress at one time or another.

To put it simply, Integrating GetResponse with WordPress is much easier with their official plugin compared to InfusionSoft, which doesn't have any official plugin for the integration and third-party integrations make it a bit hard!

Form Builders:

This is the one aspect where both GetResponse and InfusionSoft are kind of my favorite.


They both allow you to create beautiful, responsive forms to capture user-data, like E-mails, date of birth, or just the name of their crushes maybe!

A/B Tests:

These tests no matter how small or big, always prove to be more than just fruitful. (And I know a lot of you might not even be using it!)

So anyway, with GetResponse there's a lot of potential for A/B testings, basically it lets me A/B Test emails, landing pages, forms just about anything.


While with InfusionSoft, the bad news is that first of all there isn't an officially built A/B feature, and secondly the A/B testing that's possible via audience tags isn't as effective.

Email Templates:

GetResponse is the ultimate ruler when it comes to this, with over 500+ professionally pre-deigned templates, can you say otherwise?

While InfusionSoft too has pre-designed templates, first of all they're way below 500, and secondly they are pretty "average". The design, the layout, the feel, it just isn't comparable.


This is the one aspect I'd say both the tools go hand in hand.

GetResponse and InfusionSoft both have world-class analytics and data reporting system. You can get almost every detail you wish for.

But here again, there's a catch.  The data from Infusionsoft lacks "visuals". It's just numbers and comparisons.

You've got to crash your own brain trying to figure out a conclusion. While on the other hand GetResponse is a lot more illustrative and conclusive.


Okay so finally down to the section that matters most, I always say, if you can't afford a lambo, there's no use however awesome it might be.

So well here's the thing.

GetResponse plans start from as low as $15! Well yeah! While InfusionSoft? Well it's kinda big, it starts at $199/month! That's like almost a year's plan with GetResponse.

Final Verdict:

Let me be brief and straight-forward.

I'm getting more features, more control, more actionable data with GetResponse, at 10 times less the price compared to InfusionSoft.

InfusionSoft is a great tool, but unless you're a company with really extremely advanced needs and a team to solve all that data into actionable tips, I'd say you should stick to the simpler, more economical solution.

Go try out GetResponse right now!

*The opinions expressed in the above article need not necessarily be that of the author or the publisher. Readers discretion is needed.

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