Recover Deleted or Lost Files on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Easily with Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

Data is the most valuable part of computers. The digital format of the information is vulnerable to the several threats which may result in loss of data. It may be due to the human error or the technical glitch that happened inside the circuits. In the end, the users remain the victims of data loss. Recovering deleted or lost files on the computer is not as difficult as it was. We have better software and hardware tools available in the market now.

Spending time and money on the deleted files may worth trying but it also needs the supervision of budget and effort. Wondershare offers a budget-friendly solution for recovering deleted files on Windows computer. Their Data Recovery Software is available for just $49.95 and is effective in recovering the lost files on Windows computer.

I tried this software for recovering my niece’s lost birthday photos on my Windows 7 desktop and on my Windows 10 laptop. It worked great! I almost recovered all the photos back. This time I backed them up to cloud.

Wondershare Data Recovery software has some interesting recovery options that are quite needed when you are perplexed of what to do in such panicking situations. I will show you how this software can be used to recover your lost file of any format.

Note: Recovering of data is not 100% possible with any tool that is available for us so far. However, some tools like Wondershare Data Recovery help us recover almost all files of any condition by all means possible. I recommend you to take a backup of your data very often.

Recovering the deleted or lost data

Download and install Wondershare Data Recovery tool on your Windows computer. Run the tool after installation.

The home screen under ‘Standard’ mode will be shown with the recovery options of the software including the file recovery, partition recovery, RAW file recovery, and recovery resume. This will recover files of all formats. If you want to recover files by type, click on the ‘Wizard’ link on the white bar on the screen. This will open a new wizard where you will be shown all the file type options including image, audio, video, office document, email specifically and other formats.

Lost File Recovery – Recovering lost files of any format


This is the first and very non-specific option that this data recovery tool has. You can find this option on the home screen of the tool itself.


You just have to show the location of the disk to search for the lost or deleted files. The rest of the process is taken care of by the tool itself.

Just select the location from the shown disks and click ‘Start’ to continue the search process.


When the search is over it shows all type of files that can be recovered along with the health status of these files. Click on the files to view the preview, select those you wanted and click ‘Recover’.

Partition Recovery – Recovering data from partitions

This option will help you recover the files from the particular partition of the list of hard drives that are connected to the computer. This specificity will help the user plan & organize the search process from partition to partition.


All you need to do is to choose the hard disk > partition > and start the search process. Check the files that are found, preview if necessary and recover them on to your hard drive.

RAW File Recovery – Recovering files that are difficult to recover

RAW format files are those that are identified by the non-human readable attributes like name and path. Sometimes the deleted or lost files cannot be recovered by using normal recovery mode. This RAW file recovery option will help to recover such difficult-to-recover files easily.

RAW files include all random files that are deleted or removed from the HDD with time. As they are found unnamed, the previewing process might take a bit long yet worth when it can recover the actual data.


Click on ‘RAW File Recovery option > Select the partition > Hit ‘Start’. The search will find all the random RAW files on the HDD. This process might take a bit longer than the other options, as the possibility of finding the number of files is more.

Resume Recovery – Save scan and resume the search process later

This is one such great feature that is needed for a system utility tool like this. Wondershare Data Recovery tool is an efficient data recovery software that takes optimal time to search the lost or deleted files on the hard drive. The time to finish the scan also depends on the size of the hard disk, the number of type of files selected to find and the type of scan chosen.


The terabyte hard disks of now-a-kind, re-checking for every file extension chosen and scan types like RAW file recovery will take a lot of time to find the files from death and present before us. We cannot stay along all the time during the process and sometimes we may need to shut down our computers after a while. At such times, this ‘Resume Recovery’ option will help us ‘Save Scan’ and resume later in any future.

Recovering data by type of file – Specific data recovery method

There is another mode of recovery wizard that you can swap on to. This recovery mode allows you to choose the type of file to recover > choose the partition or location and scan.

You can choose the photo, audio, video, email, office document, and all other file types specifically to scan for. This will reduce the time of scanning and will give you quick results.

To be more specific, it scans the following file extensions associated with the file types.

Image files – All common image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, EXIF etc.
Audio – All common audio file formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR etc.
Video – All common video file formats AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4 etc.
Office Documents – All common document file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF and so on.
Emails – All common email file formats such as Outlook, Outlook Express, PST, DBX etc.

Still thinking?

There is nothing valuable more than data in this world and when it comes to digital data, it costs a penny more to recover. Spending just $50 for a license is nothing for the flexibility of data recovery options that Wondershare Data Recovery tool offers. Go Get the tool today and get back your valuable files.

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