The Best Tools for Lazy Web Designers

Web designers have faced with the new tools on the web in 2016. After they’ve tried them, they realized that some of them are very useful and simple for everyday usage, but for some of them they need to spend more time in learning and involving in their design.

What’s new in web designing?

Whatever you want to design and even you are a beginner or your design project is at the start yet, you can try some of the tools like Webflow, Origami, Relay, Frontify, Marvel or Avocode. You can also use some of them during the trial period, some of them are free and if you plan to make a big project, you should consider the monthly paying for some of them - that will be worthy of the long term.

Don’t worry if you are one of those designers who like a classic in their designing. You can try some of the classic tools available on the web. Some of them are Square Space, Builder Engine and Dunked (the best tool if you haven’t learned to code by now).

But, what if you are one of those who are practically lazy to learn something new, try new options and check what’s new every minute? Are you a bad designer? Or not?

Are lazy web designers really so bad?

There is a statement that lazy people are actually good for any kind of job because they’ve learned to do more job in less time. They will not waste their time on long and boring coding; they will always try to find an interesting content easy to use. They also know how making a perfect project, which forces people to accept and understand the content very fast and without too much time spent on reading. Every fast and useful tool actually came from lazy designers and programmers. Their sites are clean, readable and without too many information.
But, on the other hand, the lazy designer has to be dumb, too. He must know that learning is everything and that nothing is possible if you don’t admit first that you have to learn so much. Smart people think that they have learned everything. Dumb people learn every day.

So, if you are one of those lazy designers, or just don’t have time for making the big and complicated site, don’t worry, you are not the worst person at all. The only thing you should do is to use smart your laziness. Maybe this list of the tools is as made for you.

If you need a simple navigation

You should try This completely customizable tool will make much easier creating tabs acceptable in practically any design. Even the basic design, color, and shape are already made, the designer can adjust every part to his site and short the time needed for this step.

Do you need more colors?

There is a solution for that, too. Its Color Scheme Designer, a simple tool with already made pallets of colors and combination of colors which you can use. You also shouldn’t worry about the looks of dark and light version, because there is a sample of that included.

Do you want to eliminate dummy text before sending content on the site?

Tool creators have made an effort to make a simple and very useful tool, Bling Text, for resolving a problem with dummy text. The only thing you need to do is to plug the type and how much dummy text you want and give to a tool a chance to resolve it.

Speaking about the text

You also should consider a tool called because it will provide you thousands of samples of different sizes, fonts and text options so you can easily choose whatever option you need for the site.

Finally, what about the layouts?

There it is a simple tool, YAML Builder, for this problem. If you know what layout want to put, this tool has an easy-ten-use visual interface and you simply can choose one of those which is most approachable or similar to your idea. Now, just put content and code and, "voila", the job is finished.

See, it’s no problem if you are lazy; the problem is if you can’t do the job even you are a lazy person. Thanks to tools, that problem is resolved.

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