iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac Makes PDF Editing Easy on Mac

PDF documents are the non-editable documents formats that maintain the consistency of the font and other document format on any device as when it is created.

I personally save documents on to my thumb drive as .PDF files to save the format of the document.

Well that the advantage of PDF files. When it comes to editing, they are the toughest files. You cannot simply open them in any other document editor and edit them as you wanted. The only way is to purchase a professional tool for this purpose. The iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac in this case that serves the purpose with easy user interface.

Don’t believe me blindly. Read the following walkthrough and know yourself.

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac Features & Options Walkthrough

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac has many professional document editing features including the most wanted OCR conversion. Let’s see all its features one by one.

1. Complete Professional Document Editing Suite

iSkysoft’s PDF Editor Pro for Mac has all the document editing features that are needed like adding, deleting, replacing texts and extracting, cropping and replacing images on the document without disturbing the format of the whole document.

We can also split PDF files into multiple files or combine several individual files into one large PDF document as per our needs.

Text Operations:

We can perform some specific text operations using this PDF Editor. They are as follows:

Adding text:
To add a text on the PDF document using this tool, just open the PDF document with the tool and click on ‘Edit’ button on the toolbar. This will enable a cursor, click on any part of the text to add the text to the existing document.


Removing the text:
With the edit mode kept on, we can click on any line of text and remove the part of it character by character.


Move/Replace the text:
With the edit mode kept on, we can drag on the single or multiple lines of text and move them on to any part of the document.


Resizing the text:
With the edit mode turned on, we can custom resize the selected text by dragging it holding the resizable points on the selected area.


Page Operations:

With the edit mode turned on, we can perform some page level editing operations on the PDF document using this tool. They are as said below:

Rotate Pages:
The page level editing operations window will be shown popped out from the right side of the tool. Choosing ‘Rotate Pages’ option from the given option will popup another window showing the rotate options in three pre-defined angles as would be most needed for professional editing.


The document can be rotated in 90, –90 and 180 degrees in the selected page range.

Delete Pages:
Clicking on this option will popup delete pages window. We can select the page range here to delete the pages in the PDF document.


Extract Pages:
This option will extract the selected pages/page range from the document and saves it as a separate file.


Replace Pages:
This option will replace the pages from the PDF document with the new ones. This features saves the time when a major makeover for the prepared document is needed.


Crop Pages:
We can crop down the part of the document by copping down the document by page level or entire document at once. This option will give us options to select the coordinates of the crop tool and the page range to apply.


Split Document:
The document can be split into multiple document based on the requirements with this option. We just need to select the pages/page range to split and click ‘Ok’.


Add/Update/Remove Watermark:

We can add watermark to the individual pages or all pages in the document at once. The watermark options allows us to choose the font, font size, color, watermarking image, angle of insertion, and opacity over the selected range of pages.


We can add a new watermark, update or remove the existing one from the document.

Add Background:

We can add color or image background to the whole PDF document or the specific page with a chose inclination angle and opacity.


Add Header and Footer:

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac gives the complete control over adding the header and footer of the document. We can add the text specifically to the left, center, right or all as per the requirement.


Bates Numbering:

The iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac can be used to digital stamp the bates numbers on the document which is needed in cases of legal, medical and business fields the most.


Don’t you think this feature proves it a professional tool?

2. Markup Options

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac has extended editing options. Using this tool, we can highlight, underline and strikethrough specific lines in a PDF. We can also add text, sticky notes and callouts to make the piece of text more informative. All the markup options can be customized with the chosen colors, fonts and backgrounds. The following are the markup options that this tool has:


Pencil: Draw Free Form – This tool allows us to draw free form on the document.

Pencil Eraser: Erase Free Form – This erases the free forms drawn with the pencil tool.

Text Comment – Can add text comments on the text on the document. Just select the option and click on the document and start customizing it.

Sticky Notes – Can add sticky notes to the page. Select the tool and click on the page area to add and customize.

Text Box – This is different from text comment. A box of text can be placed on the page with this option.

Text Callout – This callout comes with an arrow mark pointing out the selected piece of text.

Stamps – This adds most needed office stamps on the document.

Shape Markups – Can draw shaped markups to point out the piece of text.

Adding/Editing Hyperlinks – We can add/edit hyperlinks to the text to give more web references using this option.

3. Create & Convert PDF Documents into Other Formats

One of the best features of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac is creating and converting feature. We can create PDF files from existing multiple PDF files, webpages, images, EPUB and any form of texts from the files.


We can also convert the PDF into the above said formats easily. It’s a reversible process.

4. Edit & Convert Scanned PDF Files Easily

The Mac edition of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac comes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) features that reads the text from the scanned documents and creates PDF files that can be edited and converted anytime in future. This is one of the most necessary office tool features as we know.

5. Form Creator & Filler

If you had ever encountered a PDF form that isn’t allowing you to fill it, you would understand the stress. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac fills out interactive and non-interactive forms without any obstruction.


Not only for filling purposes, we can use this feature to create an interactive PDF forms seamlessly. The text fields, buttons and other elements work the same way as we create them on a webpage.

6. Security & Authentication

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac not allows provide the security to the files by allowing users to add password and permissions, but also allows to add custom stamps and handwritten e-signatures to authenticate the documents in the right way.


7. Sharing is Simple & Easy

This PDF Editor lets us share the document in three easy possible ways. We can take a hardcopy print-out, attach it directly to the email and export the document directly to the Dropbox. The cherry on the cake is, it even compresses the large PDF files, previews before sharing.


Don’t you dare to disagree

Now that you have seen the every feature of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac and learned about it clearly. Don’t you think this is the best and affordable PDF Editor for your Apple Mac computer?

Watch iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac video walkthrough:

You can get this software from the iSkysoft’s official website now itself and make your office work simpler.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about it in comments below.

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