Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2016 Unboxing | Taslar Kindle Paperwhite Origami Case Unboxing

Here is the unboxing video of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2016 which has 300DPI screen and has a built-in-light for night reading along with Wi-Fi connectivity. I bought this Kindle Paperwhite for Rs.8,499 in a discount offer (the actual price is Rs.10,999 i.e., $200 USD). I also ordered Taslar Origami case along with the Kindle.


Spoiler Alert: The video is not a professional unboxing video and might look quite recorded by an underdog. Yeah, we didn’t plan for this unboxing and so the video is not that great. And sorry for too many hands in the frame, my friends are as much excited as I am to put their hands on the device. However, I tried to show you the size of the device, ports and the initial setup of the device that may give you an idea before buying.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon directly from this link:
Buy Taslar Origami Case for Kindle from Amazon directly from this link:

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