Fix for "There was an error opening this document. Access denied" Error


Have you recognized this error mentioned in the screenshot? Yes, it appears most often when the system logic does not identify the corresponding file. It clearly indicates that the file is damaged. To deal boldly with such incident, it is necessary that user must have knowledge about the type(s) of corruption the file has entered into. Knowledge of inbuilt repair methods is another way to deal with the issue. Moreover, the perfect sense to deal with ‘Access Denied’ issue is assistance from a third-party tool.

The most peculiar event occurs when the known PDF file becomes inaccessible. This moment has witnessed the erroneous functions like the ineffective running of file scripts on startup. To fix them it is advised initially to reset the settings from Preferences. 

Managing Manual Settings of Acrobat Reader

There are settings in Adobe Acrobat that can be manipulated to correct the incoming error. One such setting is disabling the ‘Protected Mode’. The protected mode is used to counter any external agent that is an incapacity to affect the PDF files. Sometimes due to enabled protected mode, the PDF files are not recognized as safe and hence cannot be opened. To disable the Protected Mode user can follow these steps:
  1. Open Adobe Reader.
  2. Click Edit > Preferences.
  3. Followed by Security (Enhanced) > Unmark ‘Enable Protected Mode at Startup’.
Once it is done, the entire changes are accepted by the system and the inaccessible PDF files become accessible. Moreover, for making fast changes the user can make alterations at the registry level. To make the changes at the registry, a user has to make such changes as mentioned below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\Privileged\
Change the valvue “bProtectedMode”=dword:00000001 to“bProtectedMode”=dword:00000000

Although a user can manage these manual settings, the problem even persists when PDF files are actually corrupt. Such corruption is due to virus attack, improper download from source and other reasons. To deal with all such issues, it is recommended to take assistance from third-party software.

The assistance from third-party software guarantees a solution to all type of PDF-related issues.

Effect of Third-Party Software

The third-party software is built with powerful algorithms to drive the entire PDF recovery process swiftly and safely. Such tools are designed keeping in mind the requirements needed in the purpose.

PDF Corruption – A Boon or Bane

PDF corruption is sometimes considered as a boon and at the same time considered as bane somewhere else. PDF corruption is boon when the PDF source is corrupt with virus attack and files sent from such source also contain the same potent viral copies. If the user downloads it without protection mode, then it is clear that the user’s system would get crash. Therefore, it is always recommended to open the files in ‘Protected Mode’.

On the contrary, PDF corruption is a bane when the user who is in need of PDF document fails to access the file. It could be tackled by making certain changes in ‘Preferences’ or registry in the system. In totality, it would be better to present that user must take assistance from third-party software that has been designed to provide satisfactory results.

Author Bio:
The author of this article, Shiv Gupta is an IT expert and has good knowledge about dealing with various pdf file errors. In this write-up also, he has emphasized on yet another error and the working way to deal with it by using a third-party PDF repair tool, Kernel for PDF Repair software.

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