5 Great Productivity Apps for the Paperless Office

The negative influence we have on the planet is undisputed. With carbon emissions off the roof, the demand for more eco-friendly solutions in any industry is increasing. This is why even app developers are creating everyday solutions that can help you help nature while not drastically changing your daily habits. Some of those developers concentrate on offering software for employees to help them in their day-to-day efforts to reduce the amount of paper they consume on a regular basis.

This is why we have put together a list of 5 popular apps to use that will not only help you be organized, but are also more eco friendly.



Beagle is perfect for small business entrepreneurs, or just about any other person that is not a lawyer accustomed to reading through complicated legal jargon. This tool helps you “translate” legal talk into understandable everyday sentences. Instead of reading through a tedious document, this app uses artificial intelligence to give you the basics: who are the parties in question, their liabilities, what would happen in different scenarios and much more. Additionally, it also lets you share the document with your teammates, add comments and it is very fast.

Now, instead of printing whole legal contracts (which can be VERY lengthy), this tool lets you work quickly through the tediousness with your colleagues without the need to have a hard paper copy of the document present for reviewing purposes.


Every running business produces documents that need to be signed by relevant parties. Whether it is employment contracts, customer contracts, permissions, agreements and financial reports, the bigger the business, the more documents need to be distributed securely and signed by the relevant party. This becomes an even bigger challenge in larger, multinational organizations with offices across the country or even the world.

This is why DocuSign was created as a digital solution to all document signage. Without any papers, you can send relevant documents to the right people, and have them signed in minutes across the globe. Really, any modern office should be using this neat tool.


It is difficult to make this list without mentioning at least one app that is mobile based. Expensify is a phone-based service, perfect for frequent corporate travelers, or just about anyone who needs to refund employment-related expenses. For example, when you get a receipt for a business lunch you recently invited your big client to, this app will convert it into a PDF and save it into the appropriate folder. It can even track your mileage, just turn it on and it will calculate the costs of your journey. Amazing! With this app, it will be much easier to digitally store important financial paper slips, while recycling their paper counterparts.

One more great feature is the fact that you can easily integrate this app with the ERP software of your choice, so if you have a digital budget manager, Expensify is a great complementary tool.

PDF to Excel

Another tool similar to Expensify is PDF to Excel tool. The beauty of this tool is that it can help you save hours, literally, when doing extensive accounting work. For example, if you get a bank statement in PDF format that you need to edit further, PDF to Excel will make your job a lot easier. With a very intuitive interface, this online software will convert all your PDFs into editable Excel sheets for you to work on. Additionally, it can also help you insert figures from PDFs into ERP software. You will no longer have to print financial statements to insert figures to your program of choice, PDF to Excel will do that for you.


Microsoft’s note-taking software is a good alternative to the classic post-it notes. It is really similar to Evernote but simpler. You can write your notes from any device, have them all in sync, and share them with your team. There is an ink option even if you wish to draw something and convert it to text later.

That was all - really simple apps for a big problem of paper overuse. Luckily, there will always be eco-conscious solutions to make our daily lives more eco-friendly.

Do you have any other apps you use to help nature? Share with us in the comments section below.

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Paulina is the community manager at Investintech.com. Born and raised in Toronto, she enjoys writing about the latest productivity apps and emerging technologies. In the meantime, you can read her articles at Investintech's blog.

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