Do Not Download WhatsApp Desktop Application

When WhatsApp announced the desktop application, I thought it would not be a mirror application like as WhatsApp Web. Unfortunately, the desktop application is found to be an application of WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Desktop have no special features to look into and is nothing to be talked about. It needs the WhatsApp on phone to be connected to the internet and kept on sync.

Why you should not download WhatsApp Desktop?


There is a reason for every statement of mine here. If an application which needed to be installed on the computer but have no special features than the web version, what’s the point of downloading and installing it on the disk?

It won’t take much resources..c’mon

Yes, it won’t take much system resources. After all, an average computer these days is not low configured. A simple application like WhatsApp Desktop might not affect the performance but, encouraging such applications would start a new chapter in the web application development with no actual benefits to the user.

Imagine once you having to install Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hike, Vine, YouTube, Pinterest, X, Y and Z on the both sides (on computer as well on mobile phone). Your computer might handle them all but, can your mobile phone handle the resources as better as the laptop or desktop computer?

It’s also about smartphone’s life span

This isn’t a paradox to brainstorm. The logic is very simple. If you keep the phone synched for one or many applications that needs to run along with the computer, it uses most of the resources. Using a device with at most resources for longer periods may wear out the hardware including the battery quickly. Because, smartphone are made for moderate multitasking, gaming and computing purposes. They can never replace desktop ad laptop computers unless in future.

It still need a smartphone

People who are wanting to signup for WhatsApp might get disappointed with this application. As WhatsApp Desktop is made to mirror the conversations on the phone on to the desktop and vice-versa, it stills a smartphone with WhatsApp installed and connected to internet. Those who are using heavy ground simulator applications like Blue Stacks only for WhatsApp may have to continue using it for more longer.

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