Coolpad Note 3 Plus Review: Specifications, Pros and Cons

We know Coolpad for its budget friendly smartphones with very good hardware specifications. Coolpad Note 3 was the first budget smartphone to release with fingerprint sensor. For consumers like Indians, having a smartphone with fingerprint sensor and 3GB RAM under Rs.10,000 is a great deal.

Coolpad has released the new version of the Note 3, Coolpad Note 3 Plus at the same price the previous Note 3 was released. It is known that the Coolpad Note 3 now is available for Rs.8,499 on Amazon.

Coolpad Note 3 Plus is as same as the Note 3 but got some few upgrades. Let's discuss about the upgrades one by one and see how better they are and see if they are worth spending another Rs.500 on the device.


Gold Variant

The gold variant is also ruling the budget market now. The recent craze for Redmi Note 3 Gold variant proves the same. This phone is for those who wanted a 3GB phone in gold variant.

Better Screen Resolution

Coolpad Note 3 was released with 720p display but the Note 3 Plus comes with 1080p display which delivers better sharpness of the graphics and on-screen experience.

Heavier and Thicker

The new Coolpad Note 3 Plus gains another 10gms weight and adds 1.6mm thickness to the whole device. 


This might be my shortest gadget review as there is nothing new to speak about Coolpad Note 3 Plus. Everything is as same as Coolpad Note 3 except the Gold variant and 1080p screen. It's now up to you to buy it or not as the colour choice always goes personal. 

You may buy the device from Amazon from this link.

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