The Rock Clock Review: Dwayne Johnson's Official Alarm Clock

Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as ‘The Rock’ as his ring name is a professional wrestler and actor has introduced an alarm clock that is motivational to grab the schedule and get the task done. This clock will not only be motivational to the gym goers and for those who admire the Dwayne’s workout in gym but also helpful to achieve life goals.

As this clock app is interesting, I’ve decided to get my hands on it for a week and review it to the world. This is an app for the Dwayne fans, those who admire him at gym and out. Don’t miss any option in this review if you wanted to use this app.

Downloading and installing the app

You may download the app from the Google Play Store on your phone or from the computer by logging into your Google account. Here is the link for The Rock Clock.

Using ‘The Rock Clock’

The Rock Clock has no unnecessary options nor floating advertisements. All it allows you to set a new project set an alarm and wakes you up every day with a message from Dwayne Johnson.


Clicking on the ‘Let’s do this’ button will take you to the project goals setting screen where you can set your own customized project or use the example projects.

Proceed to the next screen after choosing a goal and set the end date for your goals. You may also set no end date for your daily goals.


You’d then be taken to the next ‘Wake up ass up at’ screen where you can set the morning alarm to chase the goals.


You can choose the different alarm tones from the library of 24 tones in which some are sung by The Rock Dwayne Johnson himself. If you are a ‘rock’ fan, set your alarm tone the rock song.


Set the time and ‘Save’ the alarm.

Wake up with Dwayne

You can follow up Dwayne’s alarm by syncing your alarm with his. A sweet warning showing ‘Dwayne is a morning person’ will bring a smile on your face. You may set the ‘Rock Time’ on/off in the alarms panel anytime.

In the alarm panel, you would find another button ‘Sleep Mode’ which brings up an analog clock on the screen showing the time ticking off. You may set this alarm while sleeping.

This app is downloaded by 500,000 users so far and is rated 4.7/5 on Play Store. Do you still need a reason to use it? Share your ‘The Rock Clock’ experience in comments below.

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