Tricks to Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 in Flash Sale (No Scripts)

It is not an updated script or a super fast computer or internet. It is all common sense and little knowledge that acted for me today while booking Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 from Amazon’s flash sale. I haven’t used any scripts or helping apps for adding the unit to my cart. My story can help you book Redmi Note 3 next time.

Note: However, the working of this trick depends on various factors like health of the web browser, speed on the internet connection and working conditions of your peripheral devices.

Register for flash sale from two Amazon accounts

I have registered for flash sale from my two Amazon accounts. Because two can give you more chances than one single account. Don’t do it from more than two, because you may not get time to hit the ‘buy’ button all at a time.

Do not use script, it may mislead

I actually wanted to use a script but, I didn’t rely on it much. Websites like Amazon can trick you with the script parameters that may end you up with wrong product in the cart.

The script I have used was taken from a blog. I was pretty convinced to use the script for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 flash sale this time until I found this comment under his post, suggesting the changes needed in the script.

The commenter suggests the change ‘jQuery("button:eq(0)’ in the script to ‘jQuery("button:eq(3)’. Technically, this change will add up the gold 3GB/32GB version of Redmi Note 3 in to cart. However, Amazon has kept on changing the order of smartphone list from sale to sale to confuse the script developers.

Beware of the web browser you use

So, I used my two registrations, one with script and another normally. I found during the countdown to start a sale that the browser(Google Chrome) which am I using for script purpose is showing wrong countdown time with almost 5-7 seconds lately. The countdown for 2GB/16GB products are a step ahead. Initially, I thought the sale was set to start like that by default.

I checked another browser (Mozilla Firefox) which I am using for normal booking purpose. The timers are running correctly on this one. This started smelling fishy and uninstalled the script extensions and additions on the Chrome and refreshed the page.

For my surprise, the problem is not with the scripts but the browser itself. The code related to run timers is not working in order. I still ignored this and waited for the sale to start.

Browser extensions will add weight

The web browser you are using to book the phone should have very few to no extensions on it. Because, the extensions can prolong the page loading time of the web pages. It might be in seconds that you cannot notice normally. But, during flash false, each second counts.

Do not rely on limited stock open sale

As it is an open sale, those who haven’t registered and those who have will be on the page jamming the servers to load lately for slow internet speed connections. The sale on April 27th on was over in a few seconds.

Do you own research in selecting a color or the device

If you want to grab the phone in a flash sale, decide over the version based on the specifications and color. Do not waste your time asking people ‘which one would be good looking?’. It is the performance that you should ask about, not the color. Different people will have different interests over the color the device. So, decide the color first.

Or the person you asked might mislead you to trim the competition for that color version during the sales.

Read my story..

What I noticed for April 27th sale was people were bragging about the 3GB/32GB Gold version. The Amazon page was also showing 3GB/32GB Gold version only for the upcoming sale. Space grey was my first preference and target, but all I saw in the stock was the 2GB/16GB version. That was a decision making time for me. I am a techie and a power user; 2GB/16GB will not come to any use of my usage but, the regarding the looks space grey rules my mind.

Just as everyone does, I joined a few groups in social media and started asking queries about the phone. Some of my questions about availability 3GB/32GB grey version were not answered satisfactory.

I have found the 3GB/32GB grey version on which says out of stock. I thought everyone is after gold version of Redmi Note 3 and underestimated the hype for the grey version. More over the availability of 3GB/32GB version reviews on the internet are of gold version's. So I've decided to grab a gold version compromising the grey looks.

Finally, when the sale started on April 27th, I have my two browsers opened Chrome and Firefox. Chrome with more than 10 extensions dumped me loading the page for life time and leaving me a waiting list status where as Firefox added the 3GB/32GB grey unit quickly into my cart.

Have two delivery addresses ready before adding

Finally, somehow I had my grey 3GB version in m cart but when I clicked the checkout button, the error popped up showing that the seller cannot deliver the product to my address. After wasting a lot of my time over thinking, I have reminded of my friend in near by city and the time left was 3:00 minutes and counting down. I made a call asked his address, filled up the delivery form, paid for the product and when it was running below 20 seconds, I proceeded the checkout very dramatically that would only see in movies.


Don't play a hero like me at such times. Have two different addresses ready before the start of the sale.
That's all I can advice according to my experiences. Use simple common sense and do not always rely on scripts. All the best for the Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 next Flash Sale. Share you experiences in comments below.

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