Enable Circle Stream Updates in New Google Plus's Navigation

Google Plus has got a new UI design which is way cooler than the previous one. We’ve seen the sort of changes in the UI that Google has brought to its social media network in this post. Also, with the new UI,the new Google Plus has brought the new settings to control the stream updates from the specific circles.

Learn how to enable new Google Plus UI on your profile from this neat tutorial.

Enabling the circle stream updates in navigation menu

Google Plus’s new design is easy to navigate and looks like if you are browsing the website from you mobile screen. You can simply navigate to the Settings by clicking on the menu (looks like responsive menu icon on mobile screens).

Step 1: Click on Menu and go to Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to Advanced Settings and Enable circle stream in navigation option. This will add another menu item with a name Circle Streams.

Step 3: Click on the Circle Streams to see your circles. Clicking on each separate circle will bring up the updates from them.

You can follow a group of people and read the only feed that you wanted. This saves time and increase productivity.

You can also distinguish the work updates with personal updates which may distract you while working on something.

That’s how it is simply done!

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