How To Cook With Your Smartphone(s) (No Apps or Guides)

The mobile phone technologies in the world are advancing to future levels before the whole world could grab and adhere them into their lives. When technology meets the world, it will be used for multi-other-purposes than it is meant for. We have such scenes playing live in real life around the places in our country too. This blog post is such a fun creative focusing on how smartphones can be used for cooking.

I have replaced the cooking arsenal in this post with the smartphones according to their hardware configurations and special features. This is a pure #technocrats post and I don’t know even know how to cook two grains of rice. Worry not! Let’s make a tech-kitchen experiment. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this tech-cook post.

Cutting the veggies and meat

Before we could put something on the stove, we should prepare our ingredients readily cut down and shoved into pieces. I’d recommend you to take Micromax Sliver 5, the thinnest Android smartphone to cut down the veggies and meat.

Also, there is an alternative to Micromax Sliver 5, i.e., Gionee Elife 5.1 with the same thickness at its edges. You can’t have a single knife for everything in your kitchen. So, Elife 5.1 should go in the cutlery as well.

Warning: Be careful! Do it under parent’s supervision. Because Micromax Sliver 5 and Gionee Elife 5.1 are the thinnest smartphones ever made and may cause thin cuts if wrongly handled.

Preparing the fire or stove or oven

The days when people won’t be bothering about pollution due to petroleum products are no far. We have smartphones those can heat up to match the sun. Smartphones that come with Snapdragon 615 octa core processor are heating up like never before. They are crossing the 50 degrees of temperature on heavy gaming and camera usage.

Phones like Mi4i, Moto X Play, Yu Yureka perform to their best to give a seamless user experience. For high-temperature cooking, better prefer Mi4i; for low temperatures, better to go with Micromax Yu Yureka and for moderate heating up, Moto X Play is a good choice. Don’t forget to bring up the heat with heavy multitasking and 3D gaming. Because, these smartphones will never compromise in multi-tasking and gaming right in our budget.

Warning: Sadly, some vendors have fixed the issues up that were caused due to software incompatibility or bugs. Do not upgrade the system software of these phones or else you will lose their heating capability.

Mixing up the ingredients

Meanwhile, we should mix-up the ingredients in right proportions. For that, you need smartphone utensils with slight bending to fit perfectly in your hand. Without any thought, you can pick up LG Flex and Flex 2 to do the process. This smartphone has brought revolutionary ergonomics to the large screen smartphones to fit right in hand. The concave bent screen gives the experience of watching a curved OLED TV.

You can even pick up iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6P for custom bending ability. The aluminum metal used for these phones makes the phones lighter though they are bigger. You can bend them up as you want and shovel the mixture well.

Warning: Apple has fixed the bending issues with iPhone 6S Plus. So, always chose iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6P only for custom bending ability.

Wait for the signal

It takes time for any recipe to get prepared. Are you going to watch the fumes going to the skies for the whole time or what? You can’t miss the live cricket match or your favorite daily serial on TV. Use a tripod and set a Samsung J5/J7 4G phone with Airtel 4G SIM to it and place it right above the container on stove. Make sure it is clearly visible via HD video call (don’t worry! You will get double data from Airtel connected via Samsung J5 or J7). Now go to your heavenly sofa in front of the TV and enjoy the show placing the video call in progress.

That’s how you can make your kitchen a tech-kitchen  and cook with your smartphone(s).

I bet you are looking at your smartphone right now and imagining. Don’t let it go! Share it in comments below and let the other tech-cooks learn.

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