How to Save Battery Life of Android Phones

This is an era of smartphones with stupid batteries. No matter how much our battery capacity is, we always find it less to satisfy our non-stop needs. The power bank does come handy. But they also make your phone’s battery weak (in the long run). In this post, I will talk about some very easy-peasy ways to save your battery life.

1. Black Wallpaper 

I love the color black. Black wallpaper is what I have always used. Little did I know that I have silently adding to my battery life. Now I make it a point to use black wallpaper and advice my friends to do the same.

2. Use dark themes 

Sometime back I really developed a thing for trying out new themes. Now I understand why the battery consumption increased drastically. Now I have settled for a decent dark theme to save my Android’s battery life.

3. Say no to Auto-Brightness 

Auto-brightness is cool. Especially, when you have outdoor plans for the day. You may just increase the screen brightness just before stepping out. You can also reduce the screen brightness when you are in a well lit room. I often find the auto-brightness slightly brighter than it should be. If you don’t believe me, compare yourself.

4. Shorter screen timeout 

I have kept the minimum screen timeout so that the screen gets locked within a couple of seconds. This was definitely not a battery saving strategy. But it was more of a privacy strategy so that the people around could not read my messages. Now that I know my battery life gets extended with this step, I practice it religiously.

5. Keep your phone cool

I read somewhere that heated smartphones puts an extra load on the batteries. Let’s be honest. Many phones have heating issues. Since you can’t change things internally you can keep a lookout on the external factors. For instance when you are out in the sun, keep the phone in your pocket or bag. You may also keep the phone away from the laptop’s fan or any heated up material or devices as such.

6. Use original batteries/chargers

I have often seen people using local brands for replacing batteries/chargers. Do you know you are doing more harm to the phone by sparing a couple of bucks? So next time when your battery/charger is dead, go for a genuine one. I am sure your battery life will be enhanced with this little step of yours.

7. Sleep Mode ON 

You don’t use your mobile when you sleep. Do you? So why not put into the sleep mode? You can make a list of important number and put them in the exception list when the Sleep Mode is active. Also there are times at office or college when you know you won’t get a chance to glance at your mobile, why not activate the Sleep Mode and keep the battery percentage intact.

8. Turn off features

These are smart features that we are talking about that makes your phone smart. For instance the Smart Stay option in Samsung. It’s needless to say these features (and some more similar features) need not be kept ON and you can add to your battery life.

9. Switch off 4G 

4G is the new thing is town. Smartphone and telecoms are trying to woo customer to opt for their services with 4G. But did you know switching on 4G on your smart phone is so much battery consuming. What you can do is switch off 4G and use 2G, and swap when you want to enjoy net services on your Android.

10. Switch off connectivity features

The usual connectivity features in our phones are GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC consume a LOT of battery. Among all this, GPS tops the list of battery consumption. Turn all of them off when you don’t need and add to your battery life.

11. Update your apps 

Often we get update for the apps on our Android. But do we do it? Not always. Not always the app updates are useless. Sometimes, the update paves the way to a better battery life. Update your apps to enjoy such benefits from the app developer’s.

12. Use battery saving mode of your phone

Most phones come with battery saver’s. Use it as it prevents the battery from draining away. In case you don’t have battery saving mode, install any battery saving app and the app will do the needful for your Android.

13. Update and sync at your own will

Auto-update and auto-sync is surely a blessing as it continuously updates with the Google server and all your important data is just a log in away. But having auto-update or auto-sync running in the background all day long is one of the ways your battery loses its juice. Rather what you can do is manually update and sync once a day.

That would be all from us on ‘How to save your battery life’. Do you have any more method up your sleeves, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. These are great tips to save battery on an Android phone. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks to Desbshikha for coming up with such an article. Thank you Ikechi for sharing your thoughts about it.

      Have a great week ahead :)

  2. Great tips Deb. I did comment on this post but I guess because of the commenting system shift my comment got removed.

    I do use dark themes, hope that helps. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Rohan,

      Disqus commenting system has done (to amfastech) a has been doing a great damage to Blogger blogs by not synching the comments on to one another systems.

      I am in search of fine solution for this problem and hope to come up with one that helps all of our Blogger users.


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