Airtel 4G: The Fastest Network Challenge Ever Made

Have you watched the Airtel’s new 4G TVC where two girls going on a duel over their mobile internet speed? It ends up challenging all the mobile phone users about their network speed saying “If your network is faster, we will pay your mobile bills for life.”



Yes! Airtel introduces 4G services in India at the price ranges of 3G plans. Being one of the top mobile network carriers in the country and one of the first introducers of the network carrier technologies, Airtel has been serving one half of the network population in India with their services. They were the first ones to bring 3G carrier technology into the country and this time they took the 4G flight.


Airtel renovates their website with all the 4G related information on the site. The first fold of the webpage itself challenges mobile users about the speed of the network. Scrolling down to the next page surprises us with the news about free upgrade to 4G superfast network for the 3G prices.




There is a reason to use Airtel 4G specifically that, it is available for 3G prices only. You can get the same data benefits as 3G pack with 4G speed with no extra cost involved. Isn’t it awesome?


How to get Airtel 4G?

You need a 4G enabled smartphone, a 4G SIM and a proper 4G plan. You can check if your number is 4G ready or not from their site.




We have on-the-go 4G dongles available for laptops, Wi-Fi dongle that connects 10 clients for all wireless home devices and high range home modems that connects all the laptops, gaming consoles and smartphones.


Get your free SIM

The cherry on the cake is that Airtel is offering free 4G SIM to the aspirants and delivering it at customers doorstep. Follow this link to grab your free 4G SIM.


Last word

The challenge shows the company’s confidence about their new services. The interesting thing is the price range that it is available for. It is worth giving a try as you don’t need to put an extra buck for the service.


I have grabbed my free SIM just now and can’t wait to see it running like a flash on my Zenfone 2. When are you grabbing yours?

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