How To Check If Someone Is Hiding On Facebook

Everyone these days wants to be a spy. Not actually in ‘real’ life with a neat suit, handgun and 007 background tracks playing behind the scenes, but in the virtual world. Spying or stalking someone has become a hobby since people found Facebook helping them so.

During the times of Orkut, people used to fear of stalking/spying on someone. Because the profile page used to show the recent visitors besides. This somehow contributed to the fall of Orkut and rise of Facebook.

Note: This tutorial is to help you know about the features of Facebook through which we can track(follow) someone’s online activity. We have no intention of braking someone’s privacy by any illegal means.

#1 Follow their activity

Every common individual likes to be followed by people on social media. If you are friends with your stalkee already, it is easy to track their activity. Even though the availability status is kept offline, you will still receive their activity of likes, shares, and comments rolling down your news feed.

Even if you are not actually connected to each other, you can still track their activity by ‘following’ them. But this ‘follow’ option has to be enabled on their profile.

#2 Follow their close friends

Social networking is all about connecting people. It connects us to people that we know and we don’t know. The person that you are trying to spy on and you might have got some common friends in between. Adding them to your ‘close friends’ list will notify you when they are mentioned by your target person in any update.

This is somehow can be called a real stealth mode. It is hard to say that someone is stalking someone’s profile.

#3 Message ‘seen’ status

If you can see them being online, ping them with a message. If it shows ‘seen’ status, it means that they are online but are (willingly) not responding. Facebook might show just-gone-offline members too in the online list. You should be carefully watching the difference while pinging them.

#4 Follow the trends

This might sound non-catchy for your thoughts. If there is anything trending on Facebook which is one of your stalkee’s interests, follow it to some scroll downs. As you cannot get everything on the newsfeed, you might miss their activity in the track of frequent updates. Following the trends of their interest would help you catch him soon in an update.

As we know that the trending updates include updates from our friends, pages, and followers too.

#5 Toggle between recent and most popular updates

Facebook newsfeed can be sorted in two ways, ‘recent’ and ‘most popular’. Some updates might not even be noticed by the people and so they will go down to hell in the short course of time whereas, some updates get a lot of activity on them and will be frequently shown in the newsfeed.

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The message

All the above features mentioned depicts the flexibility of Facebook and its features. However, it always possible to protect and hide your profile from unknown and annoying people.

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