How to know whether your Facebook friend request is noticed or not?

Apparently, people send friend requests on Facebook. Not all requests are accepted nor all are rejected. In the pursuit of finding someone, you would desperately send friend requests to those who look and seem like the ones you wish to meet. Sometimes when you notice your neighbor or a relative or even someone else you know better on Facebook, you send them a friend request in excitement.

Sending friend requests is fine, everyone does that but waiting for them to get accepted takes unknown time. If the people you know very well get a request from you, they’ll accept it without no hesitation. The scene is all reverse in the cases like following,
If a guy or a girl gets a request from their parents or elders from their families, they resist. It might like be this too, a guy sent a friend request to his crush and she doesn’t seem to care it even. A big brother getting a friend request from his little brother tries to avoid him entering his virtual world.

So, what these people think they are, celebs? or are they afraid? if afraid, of what? Do they even notice your friend request? or is it their fake profile? the question “How to know if your friend request is noticed or not?” remained a mystery for the Facebookians.

I have figured out some cases by which we can confirm that your friend request is noticed somehow. These cases ensure you that the friend request receiver has definitely noticed your request and thus responded so.

You can see him/her in your friends' list

This is the only positive reaction you can see on their profile. If he/she accepts your friend request, you can see the ‘Add friend’ button shown as ‘friends’ or you can find him/her in your friends' list. Though you get a notification when the request is accepted, it might get lost in the bunch of notifications you get daily.

You are able to send them a friend request again

After sending a friend request you might have been checking out their profile often to see if they had accepted your request or not. The next time you visit their profile, notice if you can see the ‘Add friend’ button being active rather than showing ‘Request sent’. If ‘Add friend’ is active, that means your friend requested has been noticed and rejected.

You are not able to see either ‘Add friend’ or ‘Request sent’ buttons

If you are sure that you sent a friend request for sure and you see neither ‘Add friend’ nor ‘Request sent’ buttons on their profiles from then, that means your friend request has been noticed and thus the ‘Add friend’ button is removed from their profiles.

This may not be true at all times. Some people who get a hell lot of request also do the same. So, this doesn’t mean that he/she is avoiding you. So we cannot determine whether your friend request is noticed or not.

You cannot find his/her profile, shows ‘page not existed’ message

This happens when only you are blocked by him/her or their profile is deleted. As there are very few chances of deleting an account, the possibility for this message to appear is when you are blocked only. This means your friend request is noticed and thus blocked your profile. You cannot do anything but create another profile on your name to reach the person.

Facebook takes care of user security very broadly. It doesn’t allow any sort of harassments on the network. Any such activities found are punished severely. The above guide is for education purpose only and to reveal the knowledge about the social networking giant, Facebook. Thank you for understanding!

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