Is Unlimited Web Hosting Really Worth Trying?

I know you are in love with the so-called unlimited stuff. Who doesn’t? But don’t believe the mere words. Because nothing comes unlimited. Even the Sun has a limited age. So never think it is unending when you hear the word “unlimited web hosting” the next time. Here we are going to crosscheck the word unlimited when it comes with hosting.

Is unlimited web hosting not limited? 

This question raises after reading my above lines. I already told you that everything has a limit. Then how can Web Hosting not be included in everything? Yes, unlimited web hosting is also limited. Do you remember the terms and conditions you ticked while purchasing the web hosting? That long document has all the information which solves your doubt. They will not allow you to break their rules. Limitations are specified in that rules & regulations document. So whenever you break their limited space, traffic, and bandwidth, you will be warned to slow down.

Why are they using the word ‘unlimited’?

No rocket science here. Simple psychology. They want to get more sales. That’s all. No one ever looks at them if they tag the word limited for their services. But the word “unlimited” with relatively less cost can do wonders. The meaning of unlimited hosting can vary from one host to another. Because someone may give you 10 GB and some other a 15. But the fact is that you can’t figure out whether we are using an unlimited account or limited. Why because we will never ever exceed the limit unless we use it fully.

What if we exceed the limit?

Just think, you exceed the limit of disk space or bandwidth. Then you will get an email from your hosting providers saying the same. We may delete some items from the web or reduce the traffic we are getting. Both the solutions are not at all good. We can’t raise our voice against them. Even if we do, it will reach nowhere. Because we put a tick mark beside the phrase “I Accept” without even reading a word.

Why don't we hear such cheating stories?

Because no small websites exceed the limit. Unlimited web hosting usually comes with shared hosting. Shared hosting is the basket of small website owners to put their eggs into. A decent small website/ blog needs only 5 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth. But they play safe by giving us 15 GB disk space and 30 GB (or less) bandwidth with an unlimited tag. We will be happy. They gather money. No issue from both sides.

Big web admins know this. So they purchase private hosting packages like VPN. But the fact is that it costs more than we could expect. Don’t forget to spend some extra bucks if you are going to do something big and serious. There is nothing wrong with it.

What do you think now?

I think your perspective about unlimited hosting has been changed now. If you are planning to launch a small website, just purchase those limited plans like Because it will cost you very less compared to that unlimited stuff. Who on the earth will be ready to pay extra money for just two words, unlimited hosting?

Read some reliable reviews and comparisons from authoritative sites like LinkedHosts before landing on a plan.

Moreover, these great unlimited hosting can offer you reliable web hosting solutions for longer times.

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  1. Sasidhar, a very valid point and well identified. I am a recent victim to the "unlimited hosting" trap. When I bought my unlimited hosting, I never knew that it comes with the memory and bandwith caps. Now that my site grew a little and I started using more plugin etc., it frequently exceeded the allocated memory and gave errors and 500 messages. I contacted my host and they said, they can offer me a level up " semi dedicated hosting" :)

    I am now moved to a different provider.

    SO yes, do your research, know your limits and remember what Sasidhar said in the article, "nothing is free".

    With you growing needs and demands, you will find that you need to keep updating and changing your hosting requirements.

  2. Hi Ahmad,

    I never trusted 'unlimited hosting' for serious sites and projects. Of course it comes with memory and bandwidth caps. Why would someone give something without a limit for the price we pay. The good thing you did is that changing the hosting at earlier stage. or else you could have expereinced heavy loss of your site and content by now.

    Thank you so much for recommending this article and sharing your experiences.

    Have a good day :)


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