HostUCan Makes Finding Web Hosting Easy

Hello fellow bloggers and webmasters! Here I am with another best online place, HostUCan, to find proper tools and services to build a website at best. We’ll take a look at the options this website is providing us in choosing the best online web building and related resources.

Building a website is not as easy as it was. There used to exist a very few sites and companies that provide web resources to webmasters in the past, but it is 2015. We have a lot of companies to choose and a lot of options to consider here now. Almost all of them look similar and even offer similar packages. Selecting a plan or package among those website is another hurdle. All these collectively creates confusion over choosing one.

We would generally search for reviews on the internet about the product or service that we wanted to buy, in such a confusion. It would take a lot of time and there is no guarantee that you would come out with a conclusion. Because reviews on different website can drive you crazy thereby leading to quit the searching. Sadly, you’d end up signing up for a wrong deal at wrong time and from a wrong company.

Not all companies are best at everything. Isn’t it?

HostUCan was designed to serve this purpose. It helps webmasters find best SEO and web related tools, hosting plans, domains, discounts on them and tutorials. Their mission is to help webmasters and it extends to introducing the CEOs and other heads of the companies through interviews published on their site. They also update the news related to technologies supported by web hosting companies so that the visitor (webmaster) can be wise while buying.

First impressions

There we go! HostUCan is neatly designed yet not with mobile friendly template. That would not be a problem as a webmaster would be developing the website on a computer. So, he would be referring the website from a desktop or a laptop computer only. Here are some of the first impressions I’ve got about the website:

Search on visit – One can find the hosting and domain searches right on the home page. It is easy to choose a hosting with dropdown selection menu filters like app framework, hosts country, daily page view and data center.

Searching domains is as easier as buying one. The search interface represents the interface of a domain selling company where you can select the ‘. ‘ extension to search.

Can check the keyword ranking – A tab on the homepage allows webmasters to check the rank of your website links for specific keywords on Google and Bing. This cool feature will show up the position on the SERP and page URL of the site given.

There also available multiple domain tools to find the details of your competitor websites.

HostUCan is maintained as a webmaster community where webmasters share their options and review their experiences about the companies listed. Isn’t that cool?
Neat navigation menu – The navigation menu is well organized and categorized here. The resources information is dived by type CMS/Script and popularity. Take a look at the web hosting search page for example.


My favorite part of this website is the tutorials. The website is more than a coupon website. The owner blogs regularly on the issues related to hosting, domains and web security. They also blog about content marketing, SEO and web design.

HostUCan is a package of web resources. Webmasters would find it easy to find a web hosting or domain with the filtering tools they provide. When you visit their website, don’t forget to get back and share your opinion on it.

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