A2Coupon.com Review: The Best Place to Find Online Service Coupons

Who won’t love coupons? Coupons give us discounts, price offs and a lot of happiness when a deal is grabbed for a cheaper price. there is a lot of coupon website which always focuses on those eCommerce store products and travel tickets.

Webmaster like me doesn’t travel too much. I actually spend a lot of websites, hosting, themes, SEO tools, and strategies. Not only me, but a lot of webmasters also do the same. How can a coupon website be helpful to this community of internet users who actually are busy in building the web?

A2 Coupon is such a website which provides the deals related to web hosting, SEO, domains, SSL, themes, and other related tools. Let’s take a look the kind of feasibility this website is offering to webmasters(its customers) in choosing a web estate within budget.

First impressions

The very first impressive feature of this website is the providing of cheap hosting and domain links on the navigation bar.

To test a web application or a beta version of the website, a company or an individual will look forward for a cheap hosting and domain providers. The links on the navigation bar will take us straight to the list of hosting and domain companies that offer services for cheap prices.

The best part of it is A2 Coupon team will take care of quality in considering ‘the best list’. They consider reliability, quality of the customer support, ease-of-use, hosting company’s legacy and money back guarantee.

Precise details about the hosting provider – Just providing coupon codes of never-heard-so-far hosting companies cannot help us with our trust levels. A2 Coupon provides the details of the hosting provider which leaves us option to assess its reputation. After all, they seem like not considering the no-trust worthy providers to mention on their website.

Categorized deals – A2 Coupon categorizes the deals by web hosting and domain categories. Imagine picking up a mango flavored chocolate from a mixed up candy sack. Isn’t it difficult? It happens the same if they are mixed up. Categorization not only saves time but also allow us to compare the similar deals.

Enlightening articles – I’m not kidding! A2 Coupon also speaks out their voice. They write about the hosting providers, tutorials providing information that enlightens our knowledge as well.

Top companies

A2 coupons offer coupons of services offered by top companies like GoDaddy, Bigrock, BlueHost, Hostagator, Host4ASP.NET, NameCheap and so on.

They only display deals offering by well established and reputed companies and we have already discussed about it earlier in this article.

Top best deals

There is no need to search and note down the offers and discounts every similar web hosting company is providing. A2 Coupon provides a top list of best web hosting deals on the right sidebar. One can easily find the best among the top 10 deals displayed over there.

Top cheap deals

Price matters for testers, webmasters and event bloggers. Bloggers who maintain an event blog would like to take up cheap hosting and looking forward so. Also, micro-website managers would like to spend less of web hosting and domains.

A top list of cheap deals is displayed on the sidebar, right under the ‘top best deals’. One can easily grab a deal from these lists, compare them with similar ones those are mentioned inside the details page.

What’s new

Not only the top ones, we have a list of new deals on the sidebar, right under both the ‘top lists’.

A2coupon.com looks more like a tech blog with discount coupons and precise information about the same. So, what do you wait for? Go, look around the site and grab a deal that suits best for your needs from this list.

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